Peexoo: The home of great photographers in Nigeria

Peexoo Technologies has launched a one-stop-shop to cater for photographers and people’s photography needs.

Peexoo: The home of great photographers in Nigeria

Peexoo Technologies has launched a one-stop shop to cater for photographers and people’s photography needs.

Peexoo connects people with professional photographers. It also allows anyone to find their photos in its eclectic collection. Meanwhile, photographers can use Peexoo to manage their businesses, organise their schedules and develop their personal brand. These would enable them to become a powerhouse in the global photography space.

peexoo, home of great photographers in nigeria

African creativity has been undergoing a tectonic shift, while the continent is experiencing a renaissance. Africans can now infuse their innate ability to produce art in photography. You can apply local techniques to foreign tools and create a magnificent piece of art.

With this peculiar edge, we — Africans — have begun to push the boundaries of creativity. From dance and music to design and photography, we are showcasing outstanding creativity.

This is my story too. Photography is the creative outlet that piqued my interest at a very young age. And I’ve grown from a struggling photographer to building a digital solution for photographers. Peexoo is a platform for photographers across Africa.

5 reasons why Peexoo is the home of great photographers in Nigeria

In the following paragraphs, I state five reasons why Peexoo is the fastest-growing community of professional photographers in Nigeria.

1. Greatness breeds greatness

Peexoo is privileged to have Kelechi Amadi-Obi on its board. He has helped us to understand the inner workings of a photographer’s mind.

The biggest challenge for most businesses is customers acquisition. For Peexoo, which serves photographers and the public, the problem is in two-fold. First, we needed to build a client base of people who value professional photography. These people would hire great photographers to capture all their special moments. And on the other hand, we needed to bring together photographers who are up to the task.

With the help of Kelechi, we have been able to attract many talented photographers on the platform. These great photographers are ready to share their creative vision with anyone in need of their services.

2. Developing a world of opportunities

The mission of Peexoo is to unburden photographers of the business side of photography. While Peexoo manages the client, project portfolio and whatnot, photographers can focus on executing their projects.

Alongside world-class developers and business experts, we have built the one-stop-shop for photographers: Peexoo. Photographers now have access to a secure cloud service to showcase their portfolio and a dynamic calendar for scheduling jobs. There is also a community feature that allows photographers from across Africa to share ideas. More features are still in the pipeline.

It is important to note that Peexoo is completely free. This is not too good to be true; it is good and true. Thus, it is unsurprising that we already have about 1,000 photographers registered on Peexoo.

3. A way to earn from creativity

During our market research, many professional photographers complained about money. This is money received as payment for the service they have rendered. Photographers want to make a living income from their services. But most people pay photographers meagre sum of money. Peexoo has also addressed this problem.

We have created an agency that connects photographers with businesses and individuals who spare no dollar on their projects. With new deals secured every month, photographers can be assured of a stable income.

4. Room for improvement

Photography is a complicated skill to pick up and a difficult maze to master. I should know, I’m a photographer too. With so many things to learn, it can be overwhelming without guidance.

Peexoo is currently developing an on-demand learning service that would provide comprehensive photography courses to anyone interested. From professional photographers to enthusiasts and hobbyists who only use their phones. We are creating this service with some of the most talented visual storytellers in Nigeria.

These courses would also provide in-depth knowledge of what’s needed to be a successful photographer. It is worth mentioning that these photography courses are made for Nigerians by Nigeria. As we grow, we would create for more contextualized courses for other African countries too.

5. Changing the narrative

Photography is more than just a creative outlet or a way of making money. It is a tool that can be used to change narratives.

Similarly, Peexoo is more than just a platform for photography and photographers. The underlying mission to bring together innovative and creative minds to change the world’s perception of Africa. And as the saying goes: "A picture is worth a thousand words".

We understand that changing narratives is not be easy, but we are committed to this mission. We also have the support of legends like Kelechi Amadi-Obi. And you, if you join Peexoo today.

This guest post is written by Kelechi Nwadike, Founder of Peexoo Technologies

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