Pade HCM introduces Pade 3.0 to automate Africa's HR management

Pade 3.0 redefines Africa’s HR industry standards with its advanced Human Resources management features.

Pade HCM introduces Pade 3.0 to automate Africa's HR management

Pade HCM, a Nigerian HR tech SaaS startup, announced the launch of Pade 3.0, an upgraded and intuitive version of its people management platform.

Africa has the youngest and fastest-growing population globally. This growth coincides with the adoption of digital technology in the continent. This emerging workforce is populated with the people known as digital nomads, i.e. a combination of millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha.

As they get integrated into the workforce, businesses will require a different set of tools, systems and processes to make the work environment easier, more efficient and more enjoyable

Since 2020, Pade has been helping businesses build a remote workforce through the use of their human resource (HR) software tools. Asides been flexible and customisable for each business's needs, Pade's HR solution features services like multi-currency payroll and compliance, employee information management, and performance management, amongst others.

After securing pre-seed funding earlier this year, one of Pade’s immediate goals was to invest in product development to help Africa catch up to the new world of work, according to a statement shared with

The launch of Pade 3.0 is the culmination of months of dedicated efforts and meticulous planning towards that goal. Pade 3.0 allows African organizations to do more with its platform.

It comes with an enhanced performance management system, helping African organizations align employees' performances with business objectives. Using the OKR method or the Balanced Scorecard method, organizations can assign objectives to every team member and see how it all adds up to the company strategy or goals.

With out-of-the-box performance appraisals, organizations can provide feedback, identify improvement areas, and enhance the productivity of employees.

Pade 3.0 also comes with upgraded reporting capabilities, automated statutory deduction remittances, streamlined employee onboarding, flexible payroll schedules, and an enhanced user interface.

Organizations can automate almost any HR process, including generating out-of-cycle payment schedules for whatever reason, managing employee leave, and generating reports on every data point in their People dashboard.

Since its inception in 2020, Pade has helped African organizations manage their employees' lifecycle, from hire to exit. Its suite of features includes payroll management, performance management, employee onboarding, benefits management, and enabling businesses to simplify their HR management.

For large businesses and smaller ones, these features add significant value to the way employee relationships and HR processes are managed.

“Our goal is to help businesses become more efficient, freeing up their time to focus on strategic work,” Pade CEO, Seye Bandele, said in a statement shared with  “Professionals should not spend valuable time handling HR tasks that can be automated with little human interaction.”

Co-founders of Pade, Lekan Omotosho and Seye Bandele

In 2018, 80% of African companies identified digital transformation as a major HR challenge, according to the 2018 Barometer RH report. Since the COVID-19 pandemic and as global companies embrace a new way of work, the need to digitize HR processes has been painstakingly clear.

Pade intends to help African organizations digitize and automate these processes, so that they can focus on productivity and profitability.

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