OPPO A58 4G Review: don’t trust the edited display photos

The OPPO A58 mid-ranger actually has thick bezels and that’s not all.

OPPO A58 4G Review: don’t trust the edited display photos
Oppo A58

The OPPO A58 4G (2023) is an entry-level phone that might surprise you with its features. For roughly ₦255,000/$158, it offers a decent screen, an adequate camera, and excellent battery life. OPPO sweetens the deal with fast charging and AI-enhanced camera capabilities, adding extra value to the package – just don't expect the same bezels to perfectly match the marketing images in reality.

This phone is an update to the 2022 A57, and likely one of the last 4G models OPPO will release. With the price gap between 4G and 5G chips quickly narrowing, it makes sense to future-proof with 5G phones.

It's important to note that this model follows OPPO's proven strategy of reusing components for different devices. You may see variations within the A-series, as well as similar offerings from the Realme and Vivo cousins. This approach allows OPPO to maximize efficiency and deliver consistently well-made phones at competitive price points.

What’s in the box?

Unboxing the OPPO A58 4G is a fairly standard experience. You'll find the usual suspects: the phone itself, a 33w fast charger, a USB-C cable, and a clear case. While the pre-applied screen protector, is appreciated, keep in mind it's a basic, thin film primarily meant to protect the screen during shipping and initial setup.

For long-term protection, you might want to invest in a more durable option. The phone comes in two globally available colours: Matte Glowing Black and Dazzling Green.

Image Credit: Askari Cell

What are the features of the OPPO A58 4G phone?

From the moment you pick up the OPPO A58 4G, its comfortable, lightweight design makes a positive impression.  The surprisingly vibrant screen brings everyday tasks like browsing social media or watching videos to life, and the excellent sunlight readability ensures you won't have to squint outdoors. While it's a 60Hz panel, the colour accuracy makes up for it.

This smooth experience is powered by the Dimensity 700 chipset, which handles everyday apps with ease. Strong connectivity is another win – the phone boasts versatile Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS,  and impressive signal strength across various networks.

The long-lasting 5000mAh battery in the OPPO A58 is a standout feature, easily powering you through a full day and then some. 33W fast charging adds major convenience, ensuring you're never out of juice for long. You'll also appreciate the surprisingly decent stereo speakers, which, even if a bit overhyped by marketing, still deliver louder sound than expected at this price range.

OPPO's commitment to software updates is reassuring, guaranteeing regular security patches and major OS upgrades, along with a two-year warranty. The 50MP camera, though a touch slow to focus, captures surprisingly good shots in daylight thanks to OPPO's AI processing. While it struggles in low light, it still manages to hold its own against other budget-friendly phones.

OPPO A58 4G features

What we like about OPPO A58

  • Screen: Bright and crisp, especially for outdoor use. While it might not have the latest tech, the colours look true.
  • Performance: Handles everyday apps like social media, browsing, and light gaming easily.
  • Battery & Charging: The large battery lasts a long time, and the fast charging gets you back in action quickly.
  • Camera Features: Includes some fun AI modes to add a creative touch to your photos.
  • Software & Warranty: OPPO's commitment to regular updates and the extended warranty offer great peace of mind.

What we don’t like about OPPO A58

  • Design: Made of plastic with noticeable bezels – might not feel as premium as some competitors.
  • Display: Lacks the smooth scrolling of a high refresh rate screen and doesn't include a fingerprint scanner.
  • Storage: Uses slower eMMC storage compared to faster alternatives (UFS) found in some similarly priced models.
  • Protection: Lacks Gorilla Glass, making it potentially more vulnerable to scratches and cracks.
  • AI Features: The image processing can be limited, so don't expect professional-level photo editing.
  • Microphone: The single microphone might not be ideal for clear hands-free calls, especially in noisy environments.

Should you buy the OPPO A58?

The answer depends entirely on your priorities. If you're a casual user who values long battery life, a decent display, and primarily sticks to social media apps and web browsing, the OPPO A58 4G could be a solid fit. However, anyone craving a snappy experience, a top-notch camera, or a modern bezel-less design will likely be left wanting more.

Pricing and Availability

The OPPO A58 4G sits at a competitive price point of ₦255,000 in the Nigerian market, and you can readily find it on Jumia or at major OPPO and tech retailers. As always, prices can change, so it's worth checking for deals and comparing before you buy. In Ghana and Kenya, the OPPO A58 smartphone price starts at GHS1485 and Ksh25,500 respectively.

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