BD Insider, Letter 90: Octamile's launch, MTN shares, Deaf eLimu Banking

In BD Insider, letter 90 we covered Octamile's plan to enable digital insurance, the launch of Deaf eLimu Banking by the Kenyan Bankers Association and other opportunities.

BD Insider, Letter 90: Octamile's launch, MTN shares, Deaf eLimu Banking

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Today, we will look at:

  • Octamile’s launch
  • The innovation by Kenyan bankers to enable financial inclusion for PWDs
  • What is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Let’s dive in!

Octamile emerged from stealth with $500,000 pre-seed funding.
Only 5 out of 100 Africans have any form of insurance protection. Insurance as a risk protection mechanism plays an important role in Africa's achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals thereby allowing the world's excluded and underserved to take control of their lives and reduce their vulnerability against risks.

Last week, Octamile launched with the objective to provide digital insurance for Africans. The pan-African insurtech startup emerged from stealth mode with $500,000 in a pre-seed fund round led by Echo VC.

Find out how Octamile intends to enable non-insurance businesses to offer insurance as a feature in their existing products.

Kenyan bankers launched a Kenyan sign language self-training app
In Africa, less than 1% of the clients of microfinance institutions, dedicated to serving the world’s financially excluded people, are persons with disabilities (PWDs).

The Kenyan Bankers Association in response to the need has launched 'Deaf eLimu Banking', a Kenyan sign language self-training app developed in partnership with Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSD Kenya) and software engineering firm Deaf eLimu Plus.

The app will train bankers on how to effectively communicate with hearing-impaired customers.

Tech Word for the Week: Infrastructure as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the most straightforward of the four models for delivering cloud services. It is the virtual delivery of computing resources in the form of hardware, networking, and storage services.

When you have loads of files and data that you need to backup, store safely, efficiently and be able to access quickly. You need an IaaS (often for a subscription-based fee). Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are some of the commonly used IaaS. Here’s an in-depth explainer that will help you understand more about this model.

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Written by: Johnstone Kpilaakaa
Edited by: Daniel Iyanda

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