Open Access Data Centres continues its edge data centre expansion in South Africa

Open Access Data Centres (OADC) has announced the deployment of a further three OADC EDGE data centres (DCs) in South Africa.

Open Access Data Centres continues its edge data centre expansion in South Africa
OADC Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ayotunde Coker

Africa’s edge data centre leader and WIOCC Group company Open Access Data Centres (OADC), today announced the deployment of a further three OADC EDGE data centres (DCs) in South Africa.

The newest OADC EDGE DCs, which will be live by the end of September, are in East London, George and Paarl, located on national fibre routes to ensure the availability of high-capacity interconnectivity.

These new edge DCs represent a further stage in the deployment of OADC’s unique and expanding, core-to-edge DC architecture, which is consolidating edge computing, edge data centres and hyper-scale connectivity within a single ecosystem, OADC EDGE. This ecosystem is accelerating delivery by 5G operators, ISPs and fibre providers of life-enhancing services across South Africa, enabling the rapid and cost-effective deployment of required high-quality, low-latency network infrastructure.

As well as enabling clients to cost-effectively deploy new network technologies and expand coverage into new markets, the OADC EDGE architecture minimises latency because content can be served near point of use, optimising end-user experience and underpinning the successful rollout of new, time-sensitive applications.

OADC EDGE facilities are secure and power-assured, offering clients an excellent option for off-site data storage, processing and disaster recovery. The ability to pre-process large volumes of critical data at the edge, before forwarding to larger, regional facilities, also improves efficiency and optimises network costs by minimising backhaul network expenditure.

According to the Lagos-based OADC Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ayotunde Coker explains: "We are continuing our OADC EDGE expansion to more of South Africa’s business hubs to meet the demands of 5G operators, ISPs and fibre operators for support in extending network reach into even more locations. With almost 30 EDGE facilities now operational, we are bringing a transformational proposition to the South African market; one that we intend to start rolling out to more countries in the new year."

"Like our core DCs, OADC EDGE facilities are open access and carrier-neutral - any licenced operator can bring fibre into OADC DCs at no charge to support clients’ connectivity requirements," Coker added.

OADC EDGE DCs offer colocation, rooftop access and high-speed network interconnectivity between facilities at up to 100Gbps and on multiple routes for diversity.

Integral to OADC’s core-to-edge, open-access DC offering is the launch of core DCs in each of the country’s major connectivity hubs, supplementing its nationwide rollout of more than 100 0.5MW OADC EDGE DCs. New 2-3MW, Tier III OADC facilities are undergoing fit-out and will be coming online before the end of the year in Johannesburg and Cape Town. In totality, this represents the largest - and most rapid - deployment of open-access DCs on the continent.

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