Five tech careers that require no coding

If you’ve got zero interest in coding but still fancy a career in tech, these are a number of non-coding career roles you could explore.

Five tech careers that require no coding
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For so long coding got all the publicity, almost as if that’s all there is to tech. So much noise, banter, persuasion and all sorts about coding careers. To the outsider, the average techie appears to be a geeky guy who wears glasses and writes chunks of code to conquer the dark web.

However, within the decade, an upsurge in business innovation accompanied by the creation of new startups and potential unicorns marked the beginning of a tech revolution.

Beyond the boring technical stuff, interesting career paths emerged. The tech ecosystem was steady cooking with diverse career options and equally sumptuous pay.

This was further spurred by success stories of various tech professionals all over social media; like the story of a product designer who did 23x in salary increase or the content marketer who earns $93k/annum. So if you’ve got zero interest in coding but still fancy a career in tech, these are a number of non-coding career roles you could explore:

1. Product designer

Product design is a subset of design that deals with creating products that solve user problems. Think of your favourite product, why do you like it? Because it addresses a particular need of yours and you’ve had a smooth experience with it. Yes, a product designer is responsible for that. They oversee the end-to-end experience of a product which involves identifying a market opportunity, defining a customer problem, developing a solution, and validating that solution with real users to create a seamless user experience.

Product designers are highly sought after by startups and big tech corporations because they are extremely important to business success. This high demand translates to a huge paycheck as a product designer makes an average of $90,012 yearly.

2. IT Business analyst

The IT business analyst connects the dots between business and data. In the data-driven economy that we currently operate in, every business is looking to improve its products, processes and operations, this is where the business analyst comes in. IT business analysts draw insights from data to drive better business outcomes.

Their duties include analyzing, understanding and interpreting data to make predictions and devise actionable goals that will benefit the company. They are also responsible for creating cost-effective solutions to improve operational efficiency and maximise performance. Due to the impact of the work they do, they are highly valued in the market. Based on market reports, an IT business analyst earns about $70,661 per annum.

3. Product marketing

A product marketer is a go-to person when you have a product to market. Product marketing lies at the intersection of product, sales, and marketing. In simple terms, It is the process of taking a product to market right from product inception till it gets to the end-user. Product marketing involves understanding the product and how it caters to user demands, positioning the product, promoting its value proposition, and formulating strategies to drive demand and adoption.

Product marketers are the secret ingredients for a product’s success in its competing market which is why they are paid handsomely. You will find a product marketer earning up to $97,055.

4. Technical writer

The role involves breaking down complex technical information into easily understandable, user-friendly and engaging content. If you have ever read any technical documentation about a product, you have a technical writer to thank for that. Technical writers communicate technical information in very simplistic forms for non-technical readers.

They create anything from manuals to product press releases, resource guides, reports, eBooks whitepapers, instructions or use cases. Technical writers are big shots, on average they earn $57,536 per annum.

5. Content marketer

Content is king they say, well content marketers are the grand rulers wielding power through their unique ability to string words together to create compelling content. The traditional form of marketing is no longer sufficient, digital media takes precedence. Content marketers create high quality, relevant, and useful content to attract and retain an identified audience in a specific niche.

Ultimately, content marketing drives sales action which makes it very vital for every company. Considering the internet reliance of the general populace and the recent boom of the creator economy, content marketers will always be in high demand. Currently, a content marketer bags an average of $55,394 yearly.

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If you made it this far, our guess is you are very much intrigued and would like to evaluate your options. First things first, before you make any decision, ask yourself - what role are you more suited to in terms of your transferable skills and interests? Once you have that out of the way then the next question is how do you get started on this tech journey?

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