Meet the Nigerian investor who has invested in 26 startups

With 26 startups and one exit in his portfolio, there are fewer Nigerian investors more prolific than Olumide Soyombo

Meet the Nigerian investor who has invested in 26 startups

When it comes to prolific Nigerian angel investors, few names come readily to mind like Olumide Soyombo.

In a medium post earlier today, Olumide revealed that he had invested in 26 Nigerian companies including Paystack which he has now exited following the company's acquisition by Stripe.

An entrepreneur himself, Olumide is the co-founder of Bluechip technologies — system integrator that provides premier analytics, business application, infrastructure, consulting and managed services.

Olumide started his enterpreneurial career as a 12 year old kid by selling pre-registered yahoomail and hotmail accounts to people. That was before he would go on to bag a BSc in systems engineering at the University of Lagos in 2005. After then, he obtained a Masters in Business Information and Technology from Aston University, Birmingham.

It was after his return from Birmingham that he founded Bluechip technologies alongside Kazeem Tewogbade, his co-founder. They started the company through a seed investment of N5 million from Olumide's father and went on to create a multi-million dollar business.

Olumide's investment journey started in 2014 when he got a $1 million from a mentor to invest in startups.

Watch Olumide talk about his journey into investments in the video below:

Here's the complete list of companies Olumide has invested in according to his medium post:

  • Accounteer - a cloud accounting platform for small businesses.
  • Bento - A financial service product for salary earners.
  • Bitnob - a cryptocurrrency exchange that allows users buy and save bitcoins.
  • Brass - a digital bank for small and medium businesses.
  • Blackbet - A sports betting company.
  • Engage - a customer messaging platform that helps businesses grow and improve customer retention.
  • - a free-to-play gaming platform for sports fans.
  • Gbedu - an African music discovery and streaming service.
  • Gloo - an e-commerce company for large enterprises.
  • Gradient Boost - a data science and analytics upskilling company.
  • Intelligra - an open platform for smartphone financing.
  • Koa - a Kenyan app that helps users save and grow their money.
  • Leadspace - a commercial real estate startup that provides co-working spaces for enterpreneurs.
  • Lemonade.Finance - a platform that helps people send money from Canada to Nigeria.
  • LendMe - an online consumer loans platform.
  • Migo - a cloudbased Fintech that allows users obtain loans, make purchases and obtain loans.
  • Mono - an API fintech software company building financial data infrastructure for Africa.
  • Paystack - a payment product that allows businesses receive payments from customers all over the world. Olumide Soyombo has exited the Paystack investment since its acquisition by Stripe.
  • PiggyVest - Nigeria's leading savings and investment platform.
  • Powercube - a clean energy startup that provides up to 16 hours of power for homes starting for as low as N7000.
  • PushCV - a talent recruiting company.
  • - a freight forwarding and supply chain management company.
  • Spleet - A Nigerian prop-tech company that offers subscription-based living solutions.
  • TeamApt - a fintech company that develops digital banking solutions and payment infrastructure.
  • Trove - a democratised investment app that allows Nigerians to invest in US equities.
  • VertoFX - a foreign exchange product that allows businesses to access and hold up to 39 different currencies.

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