Newly-minted crypto venture, Nestcoin, has today launched Breach, a media platform that will help drive cryptocurrency adoption across Africa and other frontier markets.

Through its range of content formats and offerings, Breach is making it easier for everyone to learn about and understand the potential of cryptocurrency, regardless of where they are in their journey.

A survey shows that 64% of respondents in Kenya say they wouldn’t consider investing in crypto because they don’t understand enough about it, while 56% in South Africa and 55% in Nigeria affirm the same.

Furthermore, most crypto users on the continent think about it primarily as a saving and investment tool. However, there is more to it than that, and these are some of the use cases Breach seeks to highlight.

Breach will produce informative and relatable content that will demystify crypto and, at the same time create a deeper understanding of the technology within the market, making it easier for crypto-focused companies to flourish in a more receptive environment.

While there is constant innovation and wealth creation taking place in the 'crypto-verse' today, the majority of the world's population are unable to discern what any of it means and how it can apply to their daily lives. Breach seeks to break down complex concepts in DeFi, blockchain, bitcoin, altcoin, DAOs, DApps, etc, to the bare bones in a way that anyone will understand.

“We’ve discovered that despite the growing popularity of crypto, many do not know how it works and the potential of this revolutionary technology,” Nestcoin CEO Yele Bademosi says.

“There is a misconception that crypto is not for everyone, and you need complex technical knowledge to understand how it works. Despite the hundreds of crypto platforms that exist today, there remains a significant knowledge gap.

Breach is here to change this by providing a crypto-focused media platform dedicated to making crypto easy for everyone to understand. We intend to be at the forefront of crypto adoption by educating everyday people on how crypto works.”

Breach is spearheaded by David I. Adeleke, Managing Editor and Nestcoin’s Communications Lead, and Chinny Eze, Breach’s Product Manager. They work alongside a global team of writers, creators, and media experts.

Adeleke has extensive editorial prior experience at media organisations such as Business Insider, Ventures Africa, and Big Cabal Media. Eze joins from her previous role leading the team for Bundle Africa’s native token.

Breach is the first of Nestcoin’s exciting line-up of products spanning decentralised finance (DeFi), media, digital art, and gaming.

Over the coming weeks, Nestcoin will continue to unveil an exciting lineup of products that span across DeFi, Media, Digital Art & Gaming - all centred around unlocking the remarkable powers of crypto.

About Nestcoin

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