Everything you need to know about the TapSwap Coin

Just like Notcoin, the Tapswap project might be worth your time. Keep reading to learn how you can start mining.

Everything you need to know about the TapSwap Coin
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Remember Notcoin, the meme coin that exploded using Telegram? Nigerians and crypto enthusiasts are once again buzzing about the next big thing: TapSwap. This project, built on the Solana blockchain, rewards users with Tap tokens (TAPS) for tapping their phone screens mimicking a fun game-like mode on Telegram and making crypto mining less technical and more fun.  

While Notcoin focused on building a community through Telegram, TapSwap goes a step further. It's also a fully functional, Solana-based crypto exchange with features like staking and margin trading. This connection between the game and a real exchange has fueled TapSwap's popularity in Nigeria, attracting millions to participate for a shot at crypto riches.

If you’re curious about the Tapswap mining process, this guide will equip you with everything you need to know about TapSwap: how to play, earn tokens, and potentially profit from this tap-to-earn game.

What is Tapswap?

TapSwap is a decentralised finance (DeFi) project similar to Notcoin. Both utilise a phone-based mining game to attract users. The key difference lies in their underlying blockchain technology: Notcoin operates on the Ton blockchain, while TapSwap leverages the Solana network.

Despite the lack of information about TapSwap's development team, the project boasts an impressive global community of 20 million members. This number reportedly surpasses Notcoin's Telegram user base (6.5 million), making TapSwap the current Telegram group leader in sheer numbers.

Earning Tap tokens (TAPS) in TapSwap revolves around interacting with their Telegram bot. By repeatedly tapping the bot's interface, you accumulate points that determine your rank among other tappers. This gamified approach makes crypto mining accessible, eliminating the need for expensive hardware or technical expertise.

With the project's token launch rumoured for May 30, there's still time to join the tapping frenzy. 

Feeling Intrigued? In the next section, we'll break down how TapSwap mining works and how you can participate in this unique crypto opportunity.

TapSwap is officially the largest crypto community on Telegram in the world

How does TapSwap work?

Imagine a game on Telegram where you tap on an icon to earn Taps tokens. The more you tap, the higher your score and the more tokens you earn, kind of like a tapping competition.

Similar to some mobile games, TapSwap lets you unlock boosters and complete tasks to boost your earnings. You can also invite friends to play and get bonus referral tokens for both of you.

The ultimate goal is to collect as many Taps tokens as possible, which you can then exchange for something more valuable on the Solana blockchain.

What is the Tap token?

The essence of the activity is to collect as many Tap tokens as possible and exchange them for real Tap tokens ($TAP) once TapSwap launches its coin on the Solana blockchain later this month.

Unlike Notcoin, TapSwap has a limited supply of 1 billion Tap tokens, potentially making them more valuable in the long run. Here's the breakdown of how these tokens will be distributed:

  • 50% goes to active community members – that means you! By tapping away, you're earning a piece of the pie.
  • 30% is allocated to the TapSwap treasury, which will be used to develop and improve the platform.
  • The remaining 20% is split between the TapSwap team, advisors, and reserves for liquidity (making it easier to buy and sell Tap tokens).

So, the Tap token ($TAP) is the official currency within the TapSwap ecosystem. It's used for transactions and even gives you a say in how the platform is run. While there's no official price yet for Tap tokens, some sources estimate their value around ₦1.5-1.7 per token.

How to mine the TapSwap coin

Here's how to start earning Taps tokens with TapSwap:

  1. Download Telegram: If you don't already have it, download the Telegram messaging app from the Google Play Store or the AppStore on your mobile phone.
  2. Activate the TapSwap Bot: Click this link ( to activate the TapSwap Telegram Bot. This will open Telegram and connect you to the bot.
  3. Start Tapping!: Follow the instructions provided by the bot and get ready to tap your screen! Each tap earns you points, which contribute to your overall score and ranking among other players.

Bonus Tip for Faster Earnings: Head over to the "tasks" section within the bot. You'll likely see a task called "join our socials." Complete those three social media tasks (like following their channels) and then go back to the "tasks" section and click "check." This should credit you with 200,000 extra coins. For an additional boost, check the "boost" section and look for the option to buy a "bot for 200,000 coins" (this might be a way to automate some tapping).

Remember, the core concept is simple: tap, earn points, climb the ranks, and collect Taps tokens!

Mining the TapSwap Coin on Telegram mobile

How to withdraw TapSwap coins to your Wallet

When you’re ready to cash in, here's how you can withdraw your TapSwap coins:

1. Make sure you've accumulated enough Taps tokens through the Telegram bot.

2. Wait for Launch and check the swap rates. Once launched, convert your Taps tokens to official Tap ($TAP) tokens on the Solana blockchain.

3. Move your $TAP tokens to your compatible Solana wallet for safekeeping.

FAQs on TapSwap mining

Q: Will Tapswap be listed?

A: There's no official confirmation yet even though some rumours suggest Bybit might be the first exchange to list Tap tokens (TAPS).

Q: Is TapSwap Coin legit or a scam?

A: TapSwap is a free legit clicker game where you can earn tokens that might have value later if listed on exchanges. Typically scams require users to incur an upfront cost or invest money to participate but TapSwap doesn't. At the moment,  we don't have enough information to state whether it's a scam or not. We advise participants to do their research.

Q: TapSwap Coin Price

A: The listing pricing for TapSwap Coin is not yet official, so we can’t tell you the actual price but it’s predicted to be around $0.0001 per token (10k = $1) once it’s listed on Binance and other exchanges.

Q: How much will the TapSwap coin be worth?

A: Tough to predict. The project has potential, but the unknown identity of the development team raises concerns. However, launching on Solana (a successful blockchain) and rumours of a TapSwap DEX are positive signs.

Q: When will TapSwap launch?

A: There are unconfirmed reports that the project’s token will be launched on May 30. To stay updated, you can join their community on Telegram. 

Q: How can I connect TapSwap to the Solana wallet?

A: To connect TapSwap to a Solana wallet, you typically need to:

  • Choose a compatible Solana wallet like Phantom or Sollet.
  • Access TapSwap through its platform or Telegram bot.
  • Look for the ‘Connect Wallet’ option and follow the prompts to authorise the connection

Q: Can Tapswap be withdrawn?

A: Yes, it is possible to withdraw TapSwap coins to your wallet. The process involves mining enough coins through the Telegram bot, converting them to TAPS tokens on the Solana blockchain, and then transferring them to your Solana wallet.

Q: What is Tapswap to Solana's price?

A: As of the latest data, the price was around 0.00002522 USD on Raydium.

Q: What is TapSwap to USDT price?

A: The Tapswap to USDT (Tether) price is not directly provided, but you can convert the Tapswap to SOL price to get an estimate in USDT.

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