Introducing Level Up: Your career growth guide

Your weekly career guide to staying ahead in your tech career

Introducing Level Up: Your career growth guide

Africa's tech scene is evolving rapidly, but keeping up with the latest jobs, opportunities, trends, and skills can feel impossible. That's why a curated tech career newsletter, delivering essential information straight to your inbox, is your key to staying ahead.

I’m glad to announce the launch of a new addition to our newsletter family: The Level Up newsletter—a career-based newsletter. Building on the success of our existing tech news coverage in Africa, we are expanding our newsletter offerings to support the professional growth and development of African talents in the Tech ecosystem.

What to expect from the level-up newsletter:

  • Insights into tech trends and news, job market dynamics, and career development strategies tailored to the African context.
  • Interviews with seasoned professionals, thought leaders, and founders on trends, challenges, and opportunities in the African tech sector.
  • A curation of job opportunities, tech conferences, and networking events across Africa.
  • Information on funding opportunities for tech startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Data on average salaries for various tech roles in different African countries.

Whether you are in the early stages of your tech career or an experienced professional seeking new growth opportunities, the Level Up newsletter is for you

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