Smart residency identification card introduced in Lagos

The Lagos State Government has launched an upgraded smart and multi-purpose resident identification card.

Smart residency identification card introduced in Lagos
Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu during the unveiling of the smart residency ID card

The Lagos State Government has launched an upgraded smart and multi-purpose resident identification card for a comprehensive database of residents on Wednesday (July 20, 2022).

According to Lagos state's Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the new "smart" and "multi-purpose" cards combined biometric identification with other functionalities and benefits that cut across areas such as security, financial services, and mobility and access to government services and amenities.

The Smart Resident Card will help address the issues surrounding the identification and traceability of Lagos residents, and ultimately help inform the government’s planning and provision of services designed to secure lives and property.

"Our population, currently estimated at over 22 million, is rising rapidly, with obvious implications for social services, social infrastructure, and security. It has therefore become imperative for the state government to re-examine strategies aimed at improving the security of lives and properties of the people of Lagos state," Sanwo-Olu said.

Aside from security, the card intends to aid financial inclusion with its electronic "wallet", which could hold funds and be used for daily transactions, supporting the cashless agenda of the monetary authorities. Other benefits includes; access to government services such as health insurance, pension administration and school allocation based on residential addresses and many more social amenities.

Currently, over 6.5 million residents have been enrolled on the database by the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA), with the state witnessing a four-fold increment in registration in the last three years, according to Sanwo-Olu.

Africa’s leading payment cards and digital tokens brand, Verve, has partnered with the Lagos State government on the relaunch of the smart residency identity card as a smart multi-purpose card that combines biometric identification with cutting edge technology. Holders of the new LASSRRA smart card, also called LAG ID, will be able to access an array of benefits that come with being a Verve cardholder.

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How to Register on the Lagos state residents' database

LASRRA is saddled with the responsibility to register all residents of Lagos State, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation or nationality.

Every individual that resides in the state and intends to do so for 3 months and above is required to register through either of these two processes—online or direct registration.

For online registration, the applicant will register via the LASRRA portal to generate a reference number that will be provided at any physical registration centre near you for biometric capture.

The documents required for registration at the Centre includes:

  • Adult Registration Document Requirements (Ages 16 years and above); Photo identification and residence address verification.
  • Proof of identification (either of these; International Passport, employee ID Card, National ID Card, Nigerian National Driver’s License, Student ID Card, Tax Card or Receipt)
  • Proof of residency: (either of these; rent receipt and agreement, utility bill of current place of residence: refuse disposal bill, PHCN bill, water bill, etc)

Meanwhile, child or children  (Ages 0 to 15 years) registration document requirements are a Birth Certificate (Original & photocopy) and a photocopy of the registration card of the adult registering the child (the adult should have completed registration before a child can be registered).

Editor's Note:

  • The article was updated to reflect the partnership between Verve and the Lagos state government (July 25, 2022)

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