Klasha is building borderless payments for commerce in Africa

Klasha simplifies borderless payments for commerce in Africa. The company recently launched in Nigeria to deepen its reach.

Klasha is building borderless payments for commerce in Africa

Klasha, a startup that simplifies borderless payments for commerce in Africa has launched in Nigeria.

Founded in 2018, the Techstars backed company started as a fashion e-commerce company. It later transitioned into a company that builds payment integration for retailers. The payment API allows African consumers to buy from global retailers online in their local currencies and get their items shipped quickly to the continent.

How is Klasha different?

At Klasha, we're simplifying borderless payments for commerce in Africa. Our solution helps merchants worldwide sell online to Africa and receive payments in local African currencies while enjoying super fast last-mile delivery to consumers across the continent. Consumers can make online payments regardless of where they are based geographically in Africa and where the retailers is based too.  

What we have built

We have learned a lot about consumers’ pain points online over the past few years, and we are committed to solving these unique challenges. We have built a secure and reliable commerce solution from scratch using modern technologies.

Klasha Checkout

Our integrated technology solution - Klasha Checkout, can be integrated into any e-commerce platform, website or app allowing international merchants to collect payments from Africa in local currencies. We ensure that consumers enjoy quick, cost-effective and direct shipping of physical goods from across the globe to their doorsteps.

Klasha mobile app

Making international payments online is very problematic, and more often than not, local bank debit cards do not work and are marked with restrictions. We have built the Klasha mobile app - a simple and secure app that allows you to make local and international payments online in your local African currencies without any restrictions.

With the Klasha mobile app, you can send and receive money from family and friends who are using the app for free. No monthly charges or transfer fees. You can create a virtual card, fund it with NGN, KES or GHC, see all your transactions, including the amount paid, merchant details, card information and much more! The Klasha App is currently available for download in Nigeria on Android and iOS.

What’s Next?

For us, this is just the beginning, and in line with our mission, we are committed to transforming the payments landscape in Africa and building borderless payments for commerce.

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