Facebook and CcHUB unveil Innovation Showcase Week 2019

#ISW2019 by NG_Hub unveils 21 FBStartAccelerator startups that will be demoing this year. Startups include VetsArk, Doctoora, Findworka and

Facebook and CcHUB unveil Innovation Showcase Week 2019

The maiden edition of the Innovation Showcase Week #ISW2019, opens today with the unveiling of transformative technologies that looks to redefine industries and solve some of the most pressing business and consumer challenges in Nigeria.

The ISW 2019, a first-of-its-kind event, is part of the startup support programs by Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) in partnership with Facebook. Over 20 technology startups will be showcasing their tech innovations to about 400 business and industry representatives at the NG_HUB by Facebook, across two days—Thursday, February 28 to Friday, March 1.

Following the invite we received for a press day which held yesterday, our media team set out early to cover and report on the event.

At the press event yesterday, Bosun Tijani, Founder and CEO of CcHUB explained that the showcase was a first strong step to connecting innovative startups with large corporates to provide added value for the economy. He reckoned that there was a divide between innovation and capital to fund them.

We recognize the urgent need to accelerate innovation support to medium and large corporates who are positioned to secure significant gains for the economy through smart application of technology.

This showcase is a first strong step to connecting startup that are innovating in the space to large corporates in a bid to create superior value for the economy.

Bosun Tijani, CEO, CcHub

At the event today, the showcasing startups will unveil their innovations built in Facebook’s deeptech startup program—FBStart Accelerator—in collaboration with CcHUB's 2018 Incubation program.

Yesterday, the startup leads were giving a chance to summarise their solution in 90 seconds to the members of the press present.

Founder Debo Odunlana explaining what Doctoora does to guests at #ISW2019

The solutions leveraged trending technologies like Data Science, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. The startups cut across healthcare, agriculture, mobility, energy, education, safety training and security sector.

Speaking on  Facebook's involvement with local startups, Kendra Nnachi, Startup and Developer Programs Manager, Facebook explained that the goal of the Innovation Showcase Week was in unison with that of the social media giant.

ISW 2019 embodies the innovative spirit that defines the Nigerian startup ecosystem. The products and services being launched here by the Facebook and CcHUB supported startups will empower individuals and enterprises to change our world for the better.

Kendra Nnachi of Facebook
Day 2: Kendra Nnach, with attendees at the #ISW2019

To manage the anticipated crowd, this year's Innovation Showcase Week, is invite-only. Interested participants must request for an invite to attend. For the two days, there will be morning (9 am—2 pm) and afternoon (3 pm—7 pm) sessions. In addition to Bosun and Kendra, Francis Sani (Manager, Acceleration Programme at CcHUB) and Damilola Teidi (Director, Incubation Unit at CcHUB] are keynote speakers.

Below is a list of the the exhibiting startups.

Exhibiting Startups at the ISW 2019

  1. Doctoora: Shared medical facility for doctors to start medical practices
  2. Quadron VR: Occupational safety training using virtual reality
  3. Plantheus: An app that easily diagnoses crop diseases and proffers solution in real-time
  4. Treplabs: Low cost infusion meter for simpler and safer blood transfusion and drip
  5. Gricd: IoT-powered active cooling box for transportation and storage of temperature sensitive items.
  6. Truppr: Fitness programmes as an engagement tool for increased employee wellbeing and productivity
  7. UpNEPA: Real time power supply data for communities and remote control of appliances
  8. Cycles: Bicycle-sharing systems for commute, fitness and leisure in estates and universities
  9. Lara: Chatbot for public transit directions in Nigeria and other developing countries
  10. Chiniki Guard: AI for detecting shoplifting and theft in real time
  11. Identity Tech: Customer journey solutions for enterprises
  12. E-Estates: Resident management solution built for estate managers and residents
  13. DeepQuestAI: Offline Artificial Intelligence APIs for easy deployment of AI solutions
  14. Insyt: A social monitoring platform for tracking public perception of your brand in English and Pidgin
  15. Findworka: Software products and vetted talents for ambitious founders and companies
  16. Kanji Drive: VR simluator for training new drivers and evaluating skillset of experienced
  17. Project Move: VR accessory that allows cheap VR headsets mimic the amazing abilities of high-end VR headsets
  18. VetsArk: Mobile app for predicting, preventing and managing disease outbreaks in livestock
  19. Smart Electricity: Wireless-based charging solutions for mobile gadgets
  20. Hydrolite: Instant flashlight powered by water immersion technology
  21. SayPeace: Real-time hate speech analysis and detection on social media

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