Introducing “The Investor Clinic”, a monthly virtual event for African tech founders

Pitch, get feedback, and secure VC funding; The Investor Clinic is designed to support African startups amid a funding dip post-market reset.

Introducing “The Investor Clinic”, a monthly virtual event for African tech founders

As a media firm, we are passionate about telling stories of startups and supporting Africa's growing tech ecosystem. Our commitment to this is getting even stronger and reaching new heights!

This has led us to design a program called “The Investor Clinic”, an event for African founders, designed to help them get industry and market insights, improve their messaging, get feedback on their ideas, and understand what investors want or love to see.

Moving on from the great market reset

The ecosystem has just undergone a major reset and it's probably not over, even though there are indications that we might have hit our lowest and the market is beginning to glide up once again with the new wave of hiring announcements on social media, possibly there are funding announcements loading too.

However, there is a need for founders, especially early-stage founders to get a good grasp of what the funding scene now looks like, considering that African startups witnessed a sharp 46.5% decrease in funds raised this July compared to the same period last year and what is required for one to secure any form of funding whatsoever following the reset.

As a tech media firm, we believe we are rightly positioned to create the avenue for a conversation between founders and investors, this is why we are doing this.

How will “The Investor Clinic” work?

The Investor Clinic is a monthly virtual event for tech founders and builders across Africa. Each edition of the clinic will feature a panel of investors, investment analysts, and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Founders will talk about their ideas or startups to this panel during a pitch session. This will be followed by feedback from the panel on their product, execution, and how to best approach the market.

We believe that it is a great way to enable the growth of startups on the continent.

The program is open to tech founders across diverse entrepreneurial phases; whether you're a pre-seed-stage startup seeking seed funding or an established venture eyeing growth capital, this program is tailored to your needs.

It's time to elevate your pitching prowess and investor relations.

Here's is a more detailed breakdown of what to expect during these events:

🧩 Pitch deck teardown

Founders will get to present their pitch decks, examined by our esteemed guest. The focus is on identifying strengths, untangling weaknesses, and uncovering avenues for improvements.

🎤 Pitch Session

Selected startup founders will take the stage to pitch their ideas or startups. Our expert guests will then share feedback and analysis, shedding light on essential aspects like storytelling, value proposition, market positioning, financial projections, and more.

🙋‍♂️ Q&A Interaction

The event crescendos into an engaging Q&A session, where tech founders can glean further clarity on specific topics, dive into industry trends, decipher investment strategies, and quench their curiosity with pertinent inquiries.

“The Investor Clinic” allows you to delve into the minds of seasoned investors and entrepreneurs, gaining unparalleled insights into specific markets and sectors of the ecosystem.

It will also allow you to network and connect with potential investors and industry luminaries, expanding your horizons and opening doors to new opportunities.

We strongly believe that this program will help refine your pitch decks and presentation techniques through constructive feedback, increasing your chances of securing that sought-after funding.

Beyond telling stories of startups, fundraising announcements, market analysis, etc., we recognise our privileged position to drive conversations that will birth a thriving ecosystem.

You can contribute in three ways. One, participate in the event whether you are a founder or not. Two, let us know which investor or entrepreneur you’d like us to see on the panel. Finally, give feedback and public praise for the editions that excited and impacted you.

Pay attention to when we announce the September edition.

If you’d like to partner with us, please reach out to [email protected]

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