Ingressive For Good (I4G) has partnered with DataCamp to close data skill gaps and provide access to high-quality data training for thousands of Africans for free.

I4G is a non-profit focused on providing tech training for one million African youth and DataCamp is the leading interactive learning platform for data science and analytics

In light of the economic crises in Africa, Ingressive for Good and DataCamp have partnered to give 1,000 licenses to help African youths develop their data skills. Both organizations share the belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality education and data skill development for a more secure future.

Inspired by a shared goal to enable worldwide data fluency for individual learners and equip young Africans in need with tech skills to help them impact and contribute to the development of Africa, socially and economically, youths interested in tech will now gain access to specialized DataCamp skill and career learning tracks curated by industry experts to help them grow their data skills and take the next big step towards a tech career.

"I4G’s mission is to increase the earning power of African youths through tech training, job placement, and community", Blessing Abeng, the Director of Communications at Ingressive for Good, said. "We believe that by accessing I4G Datacamp Programme, more African youths can be well on their way to become Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Scientists, Statisticians, Python programmers, R Programmers, and more. The data career opportunities are almost endless, it is inspiring".

Ingressive for Good is one of over 30 non-profit organizations DataCamp has partnered with to donate free DataCamp subscriptions to communities that need them most.

"It's been said that data is the new oil, and I agree", Sean Burrowes, the COO of Ingressive for Good said. "We are really excited to partner with DataCamp to deliver training on data analytics. If we are to ever see a sustainable Africa, we need to fuel these businesses with the data they need to survive and thrive. DataCamp and I4G's partnership is a great first step towards our goals".

The I4G DataCamp programme gives access to courses in Python, R, SQL, Excel, Tableau, git, Power BI, Shell, Spreadsheets, Spark, Oracle, Scala, and non-coding courses in data skills for business and data literacy.

No matter where you are on your learning journey, the training has been curated to accommodate all data skills and levels. DataCamp is constantly expanding its curriculum to keep up with the latest technology trends and to provide the best learning experience.

"Ingressive For Good has not only distributed the most licenses of all of DataCamp’s partners so far, but their learners’ adoption and engagement levels on the platform are some of the highest as well", said Nathaniel Taylor-Leach, Community Partnerships Manager at DataCamp, said.

"This exemplifies the enormous impact a nonprofit run by caring and talented people can have on communities big and small, local, and abroad. I4G’s commitment to the future of Africa’s youth inspires all of us at DataCamp, and we are proud to have them as a flagship partner".

So far, 750+ Africans have been onboarded on the I4G DataCamp platform and are currently taking courses to improve their data skills. With less than 250 slots left, you too can be one of them. Register here.

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About Ingressive For Good

Ingressive For Good (I4G) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and increasing the earning power of African youth through tech training, resources, and community. Find out more about Ingressive For Good here.