Should you buy the Infinix Note 40 phone or the magnetic wireless charging 5G Pro variant?

Infinix Note 40 phones welcome sophistication to the mid-range smartphone market. Is it going to be more aesthetic or super-fast charging speed for you?

Should you buy the Infinix Note 40 phone or the magnetic wireless charging 5G Pro variant?
Image Credit: Infinix Nigeria

The Infinix Note series continues to evolve, with the Note 40 and Note 40 Pro building upon the success of the Note 30 and Note 30 Pro. Both phones boast a stylish design with a dynamic "Halo AI lightning effect" that's sure to turn heads.

Beyond aesthetics, Infinix is touting significant advancements in charging technology for the Note 40 Series. Their "All-Round FastCharge 2.0" introduces features like 100W Multi-Speed Fast Charging, Wireless MagCharge, and a new chip that allows for various charging modes.

Another noteworthy change is Infinix's commitment to software updates. Previously, updates were unpredictable at best. With the Note 40 Series, Infinix promises two years of Android updates and 36 months of security updates for the Note 40 Pro Series (Note 40 Pro, Note 40 Pro 5G, and Note 40 Pro+ 5G), demonstrating their dedication to providing users with a long-lasting, stable experience.

Now, let's get into the details! The Infinix Note 40 and Note 40 Pro stand out for their impressive value. In fact, they're currently the most affordable phones with wireless charging, priced at ₦327,900 and ₦396,900 respectively.

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, check out our Infinix Hot 40i review.  But, if you're eager to experience the latest advancements, keep reading for a comprehensive breakdown of the Infinix Note 40 phones' specs and features.

Infinix Note 40 and Note 40 Pro: Specs

Infinix Note 40 and Note 40 Pro: Futuristic Design and Sleek Displays

Both the Infinix Note 40 and Note 40 Pro turn heads with their stylish designs. The Note 40 Pro boasts a unique "Vintage Green" colour scheme with a contrasting silver and gold camera module, all wrapped in a sleek vegan leather back that provides a comfortable grip and resists fingerprints. An included case maintains this premium feel while offering protection. A special feature on the Pro model is the Active Halo Lighting, a multi-coloured light ring that illuminates for notifications and enhances gaming or music – all while the phone is face down on mute. Both phones are built to last with IP53 water and dust resistance, USB-C charging, and an in-display fingerprint scanner for secure unlocking.

The displays are equally impressive. Each phone offers a large, 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with FHD+ resolution and a super smooth 120Hz refresh rate for a silky-smooth viewing experience.  Both reach a peak brightness of 1300 nits for clear visibility outdoors and are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass for added scratch resistance. The Note 40 features a classic flat display, while the Pro model takes things a step further with a curved edge design that enhances aesthetics and immersion. The Note 40 Pro also boasts TÜV Rheinland certification for reduced blue light emissions and a high PWM dimming rate for a flicker-free experience that's easier on your eyes.

No matter which phone you choose, you're getting a beautiful and functional device built to last.

The Infinix Note 40 series phones have a 120Hz refresh rate

The Infinix Note 40 and 40 Pro Cameras have

The star of the show is the impressive 108MP main sensor on both devices. This translates to crisp, detailed photos that let you zoom in without sacrificing clarity. The Note 40 Pro takes things a step further with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), minimising camera shake for sharper, steadier shots – especially helpful in low-light situations.

Beyond the Main Sensor, both phones boast additional lenses to enhance your photography options. The Note 40 features a 2MP depth sensor for beautiful portrait shots with a natural bokeh effect, while the Pro version utilises a pair of 2MP lenses for depth and macro photography. Both phones also sport a 32MP wide sensor, ensuring you capture clear and detailed selfies for all your social media needs.

The Note 40 series goes beyond basic point-and-shoot functionality. It features advanced in-sensor zoom technology that leverages the power of the 108MP sensor to deliver sharp, zoomed-in shots without losing detail.

And if you’re feeling creative, the Dual Video mode gives you the freedom to capture events or interviews from multiple angles at the same time. Plus, with editing tools like Vlog Clipper, you can whip up some cool video content for your social media with ease.

Similar to the one found on the Infinix Smart 8, The rear camera module on both phones houses an innovative 'Active Halo' LED ring light. This dynamic lighting element adds a touch of personality by adapting to various situations like incoming calls, notifications, and charging status.

Let's Talk Results: While both phones offer impressive specs on paper, how do they perform in real-world use? The Note 40 Pro's main camera delivers decent results with good detail and vibrant colours, catering to the demands of most social media users. However, some users report the dynamic range could be better. Here, the similarly priced Realme 12 Pro might have an edge with its 50MP main camera capturing finer details in low-light conditions.

Infinix Note 40 4G Camera | Slot

Infinix Note 40 and Note 40 Pro: Performance and Software

The standard Note 40 boasts the MediaTek Helio G99 Ultimate processor, known for its speed and efficiency which means that you can expect a smooth multitasking and responsive experience for everyday tasks. Both phones come equipped with 8GB of RAM, expandable to a virtual 16GB for an extra performance boost. This allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously without encountering lag. Additionally, the generous 256GB of storage on both devices provides ample space for your photos, videos, and apps.

The Infinix Note 40 Pro takes a different approach, opting for the MediaTek Dimensity 7020 chipset. This prioritises extended battery life, making it a great choice for users who value long usage between charges. While it delivers decent performance for everyday tasks, gamers or those who rely on graphics-intensive applications might find the Helio G99 Ultimate in the standard Note 40 a better fit.

Both phones run on the latest Android 14 operating system with XOS 14 on top. This custom interface offers a clean and user-friendly experience with minimal bloatware. The Note 40 Pro 5G boasts an extra feature — the Folex AI assistant powered by ChatGPT, which can assist with various tasks like making calls or setting alarms.

Both phones are committed to user security, offering two years of major software updates and three years of security patches. This just means that your device stays protected and up-to-date until 2026. A major bonus if you ask me!

Side-by-side highlight of the Infinix Note 40 and Note 40 Pro features

Infinix Note 40 and Note 40 Pro: Battery and Charging

Both the Infinix Note 40 and Note 40 Pro house long-lasting 5,000mAh batteries for extended use throughout the day.

Where they differ is in the charging speeds. The Note 40 Pro takes the lead with its impressive 70W All-Round FastCharge 2.0 technology, powered by Infinix's innovative Cheetah X1 chip. This chip optimises charging for efficiency, safety, and even manages heat generation. In hyper mode, the Note 40 Pro can reach 50% charge in just 8 minutes!  The standard Note 40 is no slouch either, offering fast 45W charging to keep you connected.

Infinix has included more charging options with this note series. Both phones offer the convenience of 20W wireless charging, perfect for topping up your battery without wires. This wireless charging works with the Infinix MagPad and MagPower accessories (often sold separately).  While it won't fully recharge your phone as quickly as the wired options, it's a handy way to add a few extra hours of juice when you need it.  It's important to note that wireless charging can generate a little more heat than wired charging, but this is normal for this type of technology.

Both the Note 40 and Note 40 Pro are built with long-term battery health in mind. Their high-density batteries are designed to endure 1,600 full charge cycles while maintaining 80% capacity. Moreso, the Cheetah X1 chip in the Note 40 Pro helps manage heat and protects the battery during demanding tasks like gaming.

Infinix Note 40 Pro wired + wireless charging

The Infinix MagKit: Accessories

As earlier mentioned, the Infinix Note 40 series embraces a magnetic ecosystem for convenient charging. The included Infinix MagKit provides a seamless experience, with a phone case (MagCase) that magnetically snaps onto the back of your phone, matching its colour for a sleek look. The MagPad, a puck-shaped magnetic charging dock, completes the kit.

Beyond aesthetics, the Infinix MagKit boasts some impressive features:

  • Extreme-Temp Tech: This ensures reliable charging even in frigid environments, as low as -20 °C, perfect for winter warriors.
  • Bypass Charging 2.0: Ideal for gamers and video streamers, this technology prioritises direct power delivery to the motherboard, preventing overheating during intense use.
  • Reverse Charging: Need to give your friend's phone a quick power boost? The Infinix Note 40 can share its charge wirelessly at up to 10W, or wired as well.
Infinix MagKit Accessories

Reasons to buy the Infinix Note 40 series: Strong value, Wireless freedom (charging & sharing), Long battery life, Stylish design, and Rich multimedia.

Reasons to consider: No headphone jack, maxes out at 2K video, storage not expandable (both models), no ultrawide camera, and potentially lower gaming performance in the Note 40 (MediaTek Helio G99) compared to the Pro (Dimensity 7020).

Infinix Note 40 and Note 40 Pro: Verdict

For an Android smartphone, Both Infinix Note 40 phones offer strong value, with long battery life, a stylish design, and a smooth user experience and it's safe to say that Infinix delivered on its value promise with this lineup.

For those who crave the latest features, the Note 40 Pro steps up the game with unique magnetic wireless charging and a focus on battery optimisation. However, consider if the lack of expandable storage or an ultrawide camera on both phones is a dealbreaker for you.

Pricing and Availability in Nigeria

The Infinix Note 40 starts at an incredibly affordable ₦327,900/$221, while the Note 40 Pro 4G is priced at ₦396,900/$268 for the base configuration, while the Note 4G Pro steps up to ₦396,900/$268. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on your region in Africa.

For the most up-to-date information, always check the official Infinix website or local retailers near you to confirm pricing in your area. Global availability for the Infinix Note 40 series commenced on March 19, and you can also find them online at e-shops like Jumia and Konga.

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