Starting an online course is not difficult. There are many options, both free and paid, to choose from. The painstaking task is completing the course.

Admittedly, it has been a difficult period to learn…or do anything substantial. With the global pandemic, starting and completing an online course can be difficult.

But bearing in mind that the crises will soon be over and we’ll return to a different world than we’re used to, it is important to keep learning, growing and improving.

There are tons of free online courses from not only the usual MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) like Coursera or Udemy but also from other respectable institution of learning (think Harvard, Nikon). Some platforms have even opened their platform to the public during this trying time to show support.

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Eight tips on how you can complete your online courses:

1. Create a routine. Routines are important. They help us to create order and balance. You should try to stick to a daily routine as much as possible. It’s okay if you step out of it a few times at the start but endeavour to keep at it.

2. Spend an hour daily on the course. The reason it may look so tough to finish is that you’re seeing it as one big task. Try looking at it in small parts instead. If you watch a video every day, you’ll soon be through. Be consistent.

3. Take notes and jot down thoughts. We remember the things that we use our hands to write. The science of it is mysteriously fascinating. Don’t just type, take down personal impressions and key quotes and definitions.

4. Download videos for offline viewing. Data is not only expensive, it is also erratic in Nigeria. Overcome this challenge by buying a data plan (with free midnight browsing) and download the videos throughout the night.

5. Take breaks when needed. You don’t have to watch all the videos at one go. If you feel tired, simply take a short break and come back when you’re refreshed.

6. Ask for accountability. Request a friend’s assistance to help you stay motivated. Two heads are better than one, even with completing online courses.

7. Moderate social media use. This is a no-brainer. Social media gets in the way of everything productive. If you notice that you’re spending too much time on social media apps, reduce it to make time for more important things—like completing your online course.

8. Practice! Whatever it is you’re learning, it would be a waste of time if you don’t hone your skills with practising. Take on self-assigned projects and tasks to test everything you learnt. Or even while learning, you can have a side project for practising. This can also motivate you complete the course.

This guest post is written by Tobi Gbemisola, Managing Consultant for Social Media at Alder Consulting