How to apply for your Nigerian Passport online in 2024

You can now apply for your Nigerian Passport via the e-portal when you type Learn about the application process in this article.

How to apply for your Nigerian Passport online in 2024

Getting a Nigerian passport has gotten more convenient than ever. With the introduction of the online application portal by the Federal Government, you can apply from anywhere at any time, provided you have internet access and a suitable device. 

This modern approach not only saves you from long queues and repeated visits to the immigration office but also allows you to track your application status and receive updates on your passport delivery. 

Announced by the Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, the new system aims to simplify the process, with fees set at ₦35,000 for a 32-page passport with five-year validity and ₦70,000 for a 64-page passport with ten-year validity for Nigerian applicants. Foreign citizens will pay $130 and $230 for the respective options. 

The only reasons you might need to visit the immigration office are for biometric capturing and passport collection. Not bad, right?

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How much does it cost to get a passport in Nigeria?

As of 2024, the Ministry's approved rates for fresh applications are:

  • For Nigerians in the country

₦35,000 for 32 pages (Five-year validity)

₦70,000 for 64 pages (10-year validity)

  • For Nigerians in Diaspora 

$130 for 32 pages (Five-year validity)

$230 for 64 pages (10-year validity)

How to apply for a Nigerian passport for the first time

A passport grants you a smooth passage to visa-on-arrival destinations around the world. If you are a Nigerian citizen and want to apply for a passport for the first time, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Visit the application portal at You’ll get a pop-up that lets you choose if you’re applying from Nigeria or outside its borders.

Applying from Nigeria | Nigeria Immigration

Click on “Apply for Fresh Passport” (for new applicants).

For fresh applicants | Nigeria Immigration

Step 2

Then enter and verify your NIN, date of birth, and the 4-digit Captcha in the fields given. 

NIN verification | Nigeria Immigration

If your network is stable and your NIN is valid, your data will show up like the one below. If not, an error message will pop up.

NIN validation | Nigeria Immigration

Step 3

Now select the passport booklet type and processing office for your state of residence. Remember to check the availability of appointments for the centre you choose here. 

At this stage, you are also required to pick what passport booklet you want ( 32 pages or 64 pages) for a 5-year or 10-year validity, respectively. 

Choose your booklet type and processing state | Nigeria Immigration

Your choice of passport booklet, either 32 or 64 pages, determines the amount you’ll be paying. 

Note that: A service charge of ₦1,000 will be deducted from your account alongside the passport’s fee.

During the different processes, you will get a reference number at the top right corner of the page. Ensure you keep the reference number safe. You will need it to track your Nigerian passport application or production status.

Note down your reference number | Nigeria Immigration

Step 4

The next step is to upload your photograph. The image dimensions should be more than 600×800 pixels, which must feature a white background exclusively; no other background colours will be accepted. You can review some sample pictures to understand the photo guidelines. 

If you don’t have any pictures on a white background, you might need to visit a website like or Canva to upload your picture and add a white background.

Upload photograph in required sizes | Nigeria Immigration

Step 5

You’ll be required to enter your personal information including your marital status, occupation, and email address. Note that details like your name, date of birth, state of origin, and sex cannot be edited. For any corrections in these fields, you must contact the NIMC.

Enter your personal information | Nigeria Immigration

Step 6

Fill in your contact information in the fields provided. This includes your address, local government area (LGA), email address, place of birth, postal code, phone number, and the likes.

Enter your contact information | Nigeria Immigration

Step 7

This stage requires you to input information about your next of kin. Details like their names, addresses, phone numbers, and the like. 

Next of kin details | Nigeria Immigration

Step 8

You're almost done at this point. You need to then upload supporting documents. The two important ones are the Birth Certificate issued by the National Population Commission or court-issued Declaration of Age, along with your Local Government Certificate of Origin.

Upload supporting documents | Nigeria Immigration

Step 9

Confirm the authenticity and readability of provided documents, make payment, and reserve a biometrics capture date. 

Make Payments and download reciepts | Nigeria Immigration

Step 10

Proceed to book an appointment in the immigration office nearest to you and print out the appointment slip.

Book a biometrics appointment | Nigeria Immigration

Please proceed to check the box that indicates, “I hereby confirm that all the documents I have provided are genuine & properly readable.”

Then you start tracking your passport production status using the reference number generated earlier during the process.

After completing the application online and paying, download three documents for printing: the application form, payment receipt and guarantor’s form.

Final steps for the Nigerian passport online application 

After you’ve done all these, you will want to collate all the documents needed and prepare for your capture using the following documents below:

  • Appointment slip
  • Application form
  • Payment Receipt
  • Birth Certificate
  • State of Origin Certificate
  • NIN slip
  • Guarantor’s form and passport

To wrap up, here are some crucial pointers:

  1. If you're not residing in your state of origin, obtain a state of origin certificate from your state’s liaison office in your current state. The cost varies by state.
  2. A Commissioner of Oaths must sign the guarantor’s form. Additionally, your guarantor must sign on the back of two of your passport photos and one of theirs and provide a photocopy of a valid international passport's bio-data page.
  3. Take the guarantor’s form to the High Court in your area for signing and stamping.
  4. Ensure you attend your biometric capture appointment as scheduled and expect to wait up to three months for your passport, though you can track it here.
  5. Always bring the original copies of your documents for verification purposes during your application process, as some immigration offices might ask for an extra application form.

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