Top 10 gifts below $100 for loved ones

Surprise your loved ones with any of these 10 handpicked tech gifts that come at an incredibly affordable price (below $100 below.)

Top 10 gifts below $100 for loved ones

The festive season is here again. A season where we spread love and give gifts. Finding the perfect gift for our loved ones might seem difficult due to the glut of options you can choose from. But if your loved ones are tech enthusiasts — or even if they aren't — they'll appreciate any of these tech gifts.

To make your search easier, we curated 10 best tech gifts within the price range of $100 and below. Most of these gifts can all be gotten on Amazon at an affordable shipping rate. Let’s dive right into it.

  1. Solar Puff Lantern:

Price: $35.99 | Buy here

If you want a gift of beauty and convenience, then the solar puff lantern is the way to go. The Solar Puff Lantern battery has a life span of 12 hours and it's a great choice for outdoor light and indoor decor. It is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, emergency preparedness kits, backyard decoration, pool lighting, survival gear and more.

2. Yootech Wireless Qi Charger

Price: $13.99 | Buy Here

Wouldn’t it be cool to rest your device on a wireless charging pad than plug your device to a socket somewhere. It has a simple and crisp design compatible with iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Mini/13 Pro Max/12/SE 2020/11, Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/Note 10/S10, AirPods Pro (No AC Adapter). If your giftee is huge on innovative, handy devices.

3.Tile Mate

Price: $24.99 | Buy here

Losing stuff sucks. Especially your valuable items: like wallets or keys. But you can save your loved ones the agony of reflecting what could have been only if they had been more careful. You know that feeling of gratitude, whenever you  remember the person who bought a gift for you anytime the gift proves useful?

That’s the kind of emotion you’ll evoke with a Tile Mate tracker. It’s a 250-foot tracking range tracker with a built-in corner punch hole loop. It is a small size fit easily attachable to pockets, wallets and bags without hassle.

4. Bestek Power Strip

Price: $25.99 | Buy here

When you are working, it’s good to have all your devices connected not too far from you (although a stroll once a while will do you no wrong). You are not alone. Many tech professionals also want the same thing.

A Bestek’s eight power strip is good for remote workers and tech professionals thanks to its spacious eight outlets and four USB ports. It also features ample power and surge protection for you to plug all of your home equipment.

5. Keychron K2 Keyboard

Price: $79.99 | Buy here

If you understand the word “ergonomics” as a techie, then you would understand the value of gifting the Keychron K2 Keyboard. It offers everything you’d want on a keyboard. Keychron K2 is lightweight compared to other keyboards.

The keyboard’s compact form factor and wireless connectivity options make it easy to use. Also, its quality mechanical switches and keycaps offer a superior typing experience that gives it an edge.

6. Anker PowerCore Essential 20,000 Power Bank

Price: $59.99 | Buy here

For those of us living in Lagos, Nigeria, where electricity is epileptic an alternative power source is always a welcome idea. Giving your tech lovers an Anker PowerCore Essential 20,000 Power Bank would be appreciated. It offers mobile power to all of your devices with USB-A and USB-C connectivity. It can charge them multiple times over and allow you travel outlet-free.

7. Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse

Price: $68.08 | Buy here

Having a mouse which is sleek, precise and durable helps you deliver your work efficiently. If you are in the market for a great mouse the Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse is the way to go. It is lightweight, comfortable, and connects wireless with a universally compatible USB-A. The USB-A offers a better responsive feel compared to Bluetooth options. It offers everything you need to enjoy a mouse at an incredibly low price.

8. Apple Airpods

Price: $89.99 | Buy here

Yes, they are a big deal. Apple Airpod essentially took wireless earbuds mainstream. It has a simple and crisp design, a great battery life, easy connectivity, and a stellar case. With even more premium options available, the simplicity of Apple’s baseline Airpods make them a great choice as a gift for any iPhone user. It simply delivers a reinvented wireless headphone experience.

9. LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle

Price: $49 | Buy here

The world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system, LARQ Self-cleaning water bottle uses technology to eliminate up to 99% of bio-contaminants from the water. It also cleanses the inner surfaces of the bottle by neutralising odor-causing bacteria and viruses. With LARQ water bottles enjoy fresh water without replacement filters and with chemical free purification.

10. Coding Mug

Price: $19 | Buy here

Getting hydrated is important for everyone, not least tech professionals. The Coding mug is a thoughtful and practical gift that would suit your recipient’s personal style. It will also stir up  a beneficial habit from the person receiving the gift.

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