Gerald Black Appointed Partner at Black Ops, Launches ‘Black Ops Catalyst’, a New Community For Entry And Mid-Level Operators

In his new role, Gerald will be spearheading the launch of a new initiative - Black Ops Catalyst.

A picture of Gerald Black smiling
Gerald Black

In a move to strengthen its leadership team and extend its impact across
Africa's tech landscape, Black Ops, an invitation-only community built
exclusively for top operators with experiences in venture backed startups,
proudly announces the appointment of Gerald Black as a Partner.

Gerald Black is an award-winning tech ecosystem builder known for his
leadership in the African tech ecosystem. With a background in computer
engineering and a strong entrepreneurial spirit with over 11 years of experience
as a founder and operator, Gerald has first-hand experience with the
challenges of building startups and the importance of communities to
support operators. Beyond work, Gerald is committed to mentorship,
education, and service, believing in the positive impact of technology on

Prior to this appointment, Gerald recently served as the Community Manager
of Black Ops for over a year. He is uniquely poised to lead the charge as Black
Ops embark on its exciting next chapter.

Black Ops is dedicated to supporting the collective journey of African
operators as they play a critical role in building and scaling impactful
companies. With this commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and
knowledge-sharing, Black Ops has emerged as a trusted community for
experienced professionals in venture-backed startups across the continent.

Black Ops Catalyst:
The growth of Africa's tech ecosystem requires a continuous bench of quality
operators who understand how to build and scale ventures, and Black Ops
Catalyst was conceived to bridge the gap between emerging operators and
seasoned operators.

In his new role, Gerald will be spearheading the launch of a new initiative -
Black Ops Catalyst. Building on the reputation of the Black Ops operator
community, Catalyst is specifically tailored for entry and mid-level operators,
providing a collaborative platform for learning, resources, and networking to
fuel the growth of emerging operators.

According to Seni Sulyman, Founder of Black Ops, “bringing Gerald on board
as a Partner and launching Black Ops Catalyst is essentially adding a new
chapter to our story. Gerald's journey resonates with our values, and his
commitment to supporting operators complements our vision. I’m excited
about the impact Catalyst will have on the journey of emerging operators.”
Black Ops Catalyst is not just a community; it's a catalyst for growth and
success. The early stages of one's career can be daunting, and mid-level
professionals often face unique challenges as they strive to ascend the ranks.

Catalyst provides a strong network and support system designed to empower
its members through:

Learning Resources: Tailored workshops, webinars, and educational
materials designed to equip members with the latest skills and knowledge
essential to thrive in the ever-evolving tech industry.

Mentorship Programs: Personalized guidance from industry veterans,
leveraging Gerald Black's extensive network to connect emerging talents with
seasoned professionals who have successfully navigated similar career paths.

Networking Opportunities: Exclusive events, forums, and social gatherings
fostering meaningful connections among like-minded peers, potential
collaborators, and industry leaders.

Resource Hub: A centralized platform offering job opportunities, industry
insights, and expert advice to empower members in making informed career

Gerald added, "Becoming a Partner at Black Ops is a commitment to more
work and greater responsibility. My passion for ecosystem building aligns with
Black Ops' values and I'm thrilled to be part of the community's expansion
and dedicated to supporting both experienced and emerging tech operators
across Africa."

Join Black Ops in Shaping the Future of Operators:

You can Apply to become a Black Ops Catalyst member here or support the
work we do by becoming a sponsor or partner here and become an integral
part of a community committed to empowering operators who play a crucial
role in advancing the vision of founders and venture builders across the
African tech ecosystem. Together, let's shape a future where our collective
strength propels us to new heights.

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