DevFest Lagos 2018 is themed "Digital Wellbeing", open to all

GDG DevFest Lagos, the annual developer and Google tech enthusiasts conference will hold on November 3, 2018 at Zone Tech Park, Gbagada.

DevFest Lagos 2018 is themed "Digital Wellbeing", open to all
**Editor's note**: *This is a developing story and would be updated during the week as we get more conclusive information from the organisers.*

DevFests are community-led, developer events hosted by GDG[1] chapters around the globe focused on community building and learning about Google and open technologies. It is an annual event which holds between August 1 and November 30 around the world. Before the yearly DevFest, GDG chapters meet periodically in smaller groups all throughout the year.

DevFest covers multiple products such as Android — a mobile Operating System, Firebase — a mobile and web application development platform Google Cloud Platform, Google Assistant, machine learning with TensorFlow, and mobile web.

Events may include speaker sessions, hackathons, codelabs, study jams, and training.


DevFest Lagos 2018: Digital Wellbeing

DevFest Lagos is the Lagos chapter of the global DevFest organised by the GDG Lagos team led by Femi Taiwo, a Google Developer Expert and co-organised by Moyin Adeyemi, an Android Developer. GDG DevFest Lagos will hold on Saturday, November 3, 2018, at Zone Tech Park, Gbagada.

The theme for this year's event is "Digital Wellbeing", and it will feature over 26 different sessions planned across multiple tracks on Android, Web, Cloud and Machine Learning.

At a time when a lot of smartphone users are reportedly addicted to their devices, a discussion around digital wellbeing becomes pertinent. More importantly so for the people who build these apps —developers, product managers.

Already, Google has started working on implementing a dashboard that shows android users how to track the time spent on their phones and in apps like YouTube. It is expected that at the event Google would enlighten developers on how to take full advantage on their current "wellbeing solution". Perhaps, by opening up APIs[2] that enable developers to configure gestures and events that signal usage control. This event is beyond developers, as users of Google products also need to be aware of what's possible on Google technologies, thereby demanding such high standards from developers.

Practically, the event is open to everyone as it is a topic that affects each of us being smartphone and internet users. From developers to designers, technology enthusiasts, and even lovers of Google.

"We are targeting 2,000 attendees...", Google's Developer Ecosystem SSA[3] Program Manager—Aniedi Udo-Obong tells Benjamin Dada.

As it stands, they are almost halfway through their goal. Interested participants can join the nearly 1,000 people who have registered here.

Also, GDG DevFest Lagos is still taking speaking applications. If you'll like to speak at the event, sign-up here before it closes on October 24.

Come back to this article later this week for more information.

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