Fedha launches Dole to make international transfers faster and easier

Dole is set to transform international transfers with an easier and faster way to send and receive money.

Fedha launches Dole to make international transfers faster and easier
From L-R, Toni Salami, Bolu Aiki-Raji , and Babatunde Fashola

Technology Solutions company Fedha, today, announced the launch of Dole, a new, faster and easier international money transfer service. Dole is set to change the way immigrants and their loved ones send and receive money internationally.

With Dole, users can send money from their phones to phone numbers of family, friends and business contacts anywhere in the world, simplifying the process of sending money across borders.

Dole provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience for people who want to send, receive and request money from friends and family who live across the world.

Transfers are made directly to mobile phone numbers from within the Dole app. Anyone who has a working phone number in any part of the world will be able to send and receive money by using the Dole app.

“Being a person who lives outside my home country as well, it’s imperative to have a money transfer service that is easy, fast and efficient. It’s a way to stay connected to family and loved ones based in my home country. Rather than having to memorize or save numerous bank account details, I can just use one of the most common and easy-to-remember numbers, their phone numbers, to make these international transfers.” said  Babatunde Fashola, co-founder and CEO of Fedha, Dole’s parent company.

Dole is currently available in Canada and Nigeria. However, the ultimate goal is to expand availability globally, for anyone who needs to make quick, easy, free and secure international money transfers.

Bolu Aiki-Raji, co-founder and Head of Product at Fedha elated about the launch, said,  “Dole will transform how people transact internationally by providing them with a secure, fast, easy and reliable way to send, receive and request money from their family and friends, anywhere in the world. I believe that our users will appreciate the convenience and security that using Dole brings.”

Dole does not charge any transaction fees for both the sender and the recipient. Some of the other benefits that Dole offers its users include; the option of setting up recurring transactions, sending fund requests to anyone in the world, a virtual dollar card that powers international payments and airtime recharge for its Nigerian users.

To get started with Dole, users can simply download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. create an account, and start sending money to Nigeria or Canada.

About Dole

Brought to you by Fedha, Dole is an app that makes it fast and easy to carry out international money transfers online. Today, it provides a secure, affordable, and user-friendly platform for transfers between Canada and Nigeria, customized virtual dollar cards for secure shopping around the world, and access to buy airtime instantly for family and friends. Users can fund their in-app wallets within minutes. To learn more about Dole, visit

About Fedha

Fedha is powering the future of fintech by delivering innovative financial solutions to individuals and businesses across the globe.

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