Enye has announced its annual hackathon for 2021.

The hackathon is themed around leveraging no-code tools and scalable APIs to help automate products and optimize business logic.

Speaking on the hackathon theme, the Enye team acknowledged that it may feel like an irony that a product-engineering-focused organization is organizing a hackathon around no-code. “However,” they explain, “far from replacing what we engineers do best, no-code allows engineers to accelerate product building. Because they understand what’s going on “under the hood,” engineers can easily leverage no-code options to push the boundaries of product development processes. Ultimately, engineers can build more complex software with far less effort than traditional methods.”

For its second hackathon, Enye is partnering with Quabbly, Ingressive for Good, PneumaCare, Startup Plug, and GetWallets to give hackers the opportunity to leverage no-code tools from partners to build innovative solutions.

Speaking on the partnership, Quabbly’s CEO, David C. Ogbonna-Eze said that the hackathon is an opportunity to expose developers in our ecosystem to the benefits of adopting No-Code tools to aid software creation. I'd be curious to see the interesting Use-Cases the contestants create during the hackathon.

The winning teams will be awarded a cash prize totalling $1500 along with networking, training, job, and mentorship opportunities with our partners. Participants will also benefit from standard selection systems and code review while building out innovative solutions.

On supporting the hackathon, Jerry Enebeli of Getwallets said, “This hackathon gives us the opportunity to help young developers bring their ideas to life and kickstart the journey to innovative solutions.”

Healthtech startup PneumaCare sees the partnership with Enye as “an opportunity to support younger engineers to explore innovation within the healthcare space.”

Last year, Enye hosted its maiden hackathon themed “Transforming Financial Data into Financial Services.” During the hackathon, software engineering teams collaborated to build fintech solutions with APIs from Mono and Verified.ng. Chioma Onyekpere, a one-woman team, won 1st place for her product One Pocket, built to solve the problem of tracking finances across multiple bank accounts.

Enye hackathon 2021 is now open for applications. Register here.