Eden Life's CEO talks about its e-commerce marketplace

Nadayar Enegesi, co-founder and CEO at Eden Life shares insights on the newly launched e-commerce marketplace by Eden Life.

Eden Life's CEO talks about its e-commerce marketplace
Nadayar Enegesi, co-founder and CEO at Eden Life

In 2019 when three ex-Andelans: Nadayar Enegesi, Prosper Otemuyiwa and Silm Momoh, launched Eden Life, their goal was simple: to help professionals across Africa, starting with Nigeria, to live their best lives.

Subscribers outsource their domestic chores such as laundry, cleaning, meals, and home fumigation to Eden Life. "These people understand that there is zero value in doing chores themselves and so they have readily embraced the value of Eden in their lives," Nadayar said.

Two years after its launch, the Lagos-based startup raised a $1.4 million seed round, which was aimed at building Eden Life’s in-house technology and developing world-class kitchens and operations hubs.

Last year, Eden Life, fondly referred to as Africa’s first home concierge services scheduling platform, acquired a gig economy platform, Lynk, marking its expansion into Kenya; where it also provided subscription-based meal delivery, cleaning and laundry services.

Adding to its subscription offering, the startup launched Homemade by Eden, a quick-service restaurant, in July. In response to escalating inflation and the ongoing migration of middle-class professionals, who constitute a substantial portion of Eden Life's subscribers, the fast-delivery service now extends its accessibility to a wider demographic outside of that social bracket.

“In Nigeria, food is an essential commodity. It is about how we can take this essential commodity and level it up,” says Nadayar. “We have shown that we have figured out quality, so the priority is to ensure this is as accessible to everyone as possible.”

Last week, Eden Life unveiled an e-commerce marketplace providing vendors and small businesses with a platform to sell their products. In an interview with, Nadayar Enegesi, co-founder and CEO at Eden Life talks about the vertical and what it means for its users and the startup's growth.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Why did Eden Life launch a marketplace?  

At Edenlife, our passion fuels our mission to transform chaos into order, stress into comfort, and chores into moments of joy. We are not just offering services; we are crafting a lifestyle where individuals can elevate their lives by leaps and bounds. Picture a world where accessing high-quality lifestyle services becomes effortless—a world where time and money are saved, and passions are pursued seamlessly

Our commitment to being the operating system for life drives us to evolve continually. The introduction of Marketplace is not just a step; it is a leap toward uniting diverse possibilities in one seamless platform. Imagine finding everything you desire in one place—be it food, cosmetics, electronics, or medicine. Marketplace isn't just an extension; it is an expansion of Edenlife's promise to curate top-tier vendors dedicated to helping you flourish.

We are more than just a service provider; we are an ecosystem connecting top-quality vendors with our cherished customers. With Marketplace, businesses can trust us to handle the delivery aspect, leaving them to focus on their products. It is not just a platform; it is your ticket to flourish and thrive in a world of boundless opportunities.

We recognise the logistical hurdles faced by businesses and consumers alike, particularly in regions like Nigeria and Kenya. That is why we have taken the reins to tackle this challenge firsthand. Partnering with top-quality fleets, renowned for their expertise in addressing logistical complexities, we are determined to provide a solution.

Businesses on our Marketplace are relieved of the logistical burden. They simply focus on delivering exceptional services or products, while our customers freely explore their choices. Our commitment lies in ensuring a seamless order fulfilment process, bridging the gap between both parties effortlessly.

What has been the reception of Eden’s on-demand and homemade verticals?

Food stands as an indispensable necessity for every individual, and at Edenlife, we recognize its pivotal role in our lives. We've devoted ourselves to solving the challenge of access and availability because we understand the significance of a good meal, especially for the average person.

Homemade intertwines quality, affordability, and seamless delivery into a single, satisfying experience for our customers seeking on-demand meals. In just four months since our inception, we have proudly catered to over 5000 individuals, cementing our dedication to meeting the essential need for accessible and high-quality food.

How will the e-commerce platform drive profitability at Eden?

e-commerce allows us to add value to a much wider range of customers in Lagos and beyond offering services we primarily do not render to customers. We have beyond a business selling to people to a platform that helps everyone flourish through the provision of an e-commerce platform that offers the best solution. 

On tackling challenges in Nigeria and Kenya

As a business operating within Nigeria and Kenya, we have encountered a spectrum of challenges—some shared by the broader business community, others unique to our operational domain. From navigating governmental policies to grappling with raw material shortages, facility suitability, customer feedback, and occasional system glitches, we've confronted each hurdle as a stepping stone for growth.

These challenges have not deterred us; instead, they have served as invaluable learning points. Each obstacle has spurred us to refine our operations and enhance our approach. We are committed to leveraging these experiences to continually improve, ensuring that our brand's promise is not just met but consistently surpassed.

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