Polish drone maker plans to set up drone factory in Kenya

Polish drone maker Farada Groups has plans to set up a drone factory in Korza Technopolis, Kenya

Polish drone maker plans to set up drone factory in Kenya
Farada Group plans to establish a drone factory in Kenya.

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has granted regulatory approvals to Polish drone maker Farada Groups to establish a drone manufacturing plant at Korza Technopolis, a large technology hub planned by the government of Kenya to be built 64 km south of Nairobi on the way to the port city of Mombasa. The drone factory is marketed as a key driver of Kenya's national development plan and serves as the company’s supply port for the African Market.

Founded in 2021, Farada Group manufactures Unmanned Aerial Spacecraft commonly known as Drones which are commonly used for surveillance purposes and delivery of goods and supplies. The company also offers training services for UAV operators, including state certification preparation and qualification upgrades.

“We intend to take up a parcel of land here at Konza Technopolis to establish a drone manufacturing company for Kenya and the whole of Africa,” said Farada Group chairman Adam Cudny.

Authorities at Konza say the smart city has a Designer zone for the assembly and operations of drones.

“We have all the necessary approvals and we have established a local company to implement the project, “ Cudny added without disclosing the numbers behind the planned investment. 

The company plans to serve a wide range of clients which include Kenya Power and Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited for surveillance of powerlines, and logistic companies for deliveries and distribution of medical supplies. The drones are said to carry up to a tonne in weight of goods. 

Poland president Andrzej Duda during his state visit earlier this year with representatives of the Farada Group offered to donate a drone to the Kenya Wildlife Service to aid surveillance of national parks.

The move by Farada comes months after European aerospace giant  Airbus in December 2023 disclosed their plans to make Kenya their base of operations for high-altitude communication drones in an investment with a potential to create up to  1000 jobs for locals. 

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