DoGood.Africa Foundation has launched a platform that connects non-profits and social impact projects in Africa with donors and volunteers.

On the DoGood.Africa platform, you can easily donate to and volunteer for any social impact projects that align with your values. The projects currently listed on the platform include:

  1. Empower Makoko Fishing Community: Makoko is a notorious slum in Lagos, Nigeria. It is most visible when crossing the third-mainland bridge. The aim of this project is to empower the Makoko community with better fishing equipment, which will increase their yield. This project aligns with the United Nations' sustainable development goals (SDGs), notably Goal 1,2 and 8, which addresses poverty, hunger and economic growth, respectively. Donate here.
  2. Light up Kaduna: Under the initiative of Renewable Energy & Environmental Sustainability (REES) for Africa, this project will provide electricity access to the Kagarko community in Kaduna. It is working towards achieving Goal 1, 7 and 13 of the SDGs, which addresses poverty, energy and climate change, respectively. Donate here.
  3. Love In The Midst of War (LITMOW): The northeastern part of Nigeria has been ravaged by insurgency. Through LITMOW, Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation will be helping survivors of the insurgency in Wauru Jabbe, Adamawa, by giving them food, clothing, and provide the children with access to free and quality education. This project aligns with Goal 4—education—and Goal 16—peace, justice and strong institutions. Donate here.

How does DoGood.Africa work?

DoGood.Africa works like a crowdfunding platform (think GoFundMe). But unlike GoFundMe and its ilks, DoGood.Africa is a non-profit social enterprise that connects social impact organisations and non-profits with donors and volunteers. Besides helping these organisations to crowdfund their projects, the DoGood.Africa team also seek out corporations and philanthropists that can invest in the projects.


  • DoGood.Africa lists only vetted projects from credible non-profits and social impact organisations.
  • Every project listed on DoGood.Africa is committed to achieving the SDGs.
  • Organisations receive funds raised to implement their projects and DoGood.Africa provides necessary technical support.
  • Regular updates and reports of projects' impact and progress are shared with donors and relevant stakeholders.

Stanley Ogbuchi, Founder of DoGood.Africa, told

We are more or less like the investment bank for non-profits. In the coming months, we will be hosting an accelerator program for non-profits and social impact organisations.

Although DoGood.Africa officially launched on August 1, 2019, the team has been working on the project since March.

We are satisfied with and have confidence in what we have done so far. We want people to use the platform to donate to and volunteer for the causes they care about.

Stanley, Founder of DoGood.Africa, said

What's More?

Stanley Ogbuchi, Founder of DoGood.Africa

According to, most non-profits can't expand their programmes due to lack of funds. A survey carried out by DoGood.Africa across non-profits in Africa also noted that 98% of the respondents identified access to funds as a major challenge.

DoGood.Africa, however,  believes crowdfunding can bridge the funding gap for non-profits and social impact organisations.

Stanley, an alumnus of Covenant University, is a serial entrepreneur with successful startups in his portfolio.

DoGood.Africa was born out of the desire to do something different and impactful to the society.

Stanley told