Massive internet outage hit Africa as key subsea cables suffer damage

A wave of internet outages hit West, East, and Central Africa on Thursday, with major providers like MainOne and Seacom confirming damage to subsea cables as the culprit.

Massive internet outage hit Africa as key subsea cables suffer damage

Disruptions plagued internet service across West, East, and Central Africa on Thursday. Damaged subsea cables, confirmed by major providers like MainOne and Seacom, are causing widespread connectivity issues.

NetBlocks reports severe internet outages in Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Benin, with disruptions also affecting Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon.

Internet outage hits Africa

Last month, we reported that Seacom experienced breakage on a segment of its cable lining in the Red Sea. The Red Sea, carrying 12% of global trade, faces growing unrest due to the Houthi militia's attacks on ships and personnel. This Yemeni group's actions force companies to choose between increased insurance costs for using the route or diverting their shipments entirely.

Although several reports have suggested that the group is responsible for the damage Yemeni Houthi leader, Abdel Malek al-Houthi, refutes accusations of targeting internet cables. He firmly stated, "We have no intention of targeting sea cables providing internet to countries in the region." Meanwhile, The Houthis have since blamed British and US military units operating in the area for the damage.

Client traffic is being rerouted due to a damaged cable, as confirmed by Seacom's chief digital officer, Prenesh Padayachee. MTN, a leading telco company on the continent also said it is utilising alternative network paths to maintain service.

Some Africans are experiencing disruptions in online banking services and Microsoft cloud applications due to widespread internet issues affecting Africa.

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