daba releases mobile app with $5 million inbound AUM

daba has launched its mobile application to enable the African investment infrastructure.

daba releases mobile app with $5 million inbound AUM
Boum III Jr (left) and Anthony Miclet, co-founders of daba.

daba, a fintech building the all-in-one investment infrastructure for Africa is glad to announce that its long-awaited public beta is going live on the Apple app store and Google play store on Friday, July 15th 2022.

After amassing an oversubscribed waitlist that attracted over $5 million of inbound assets under management (AUM) pledged for investing in Africa, daba’s mobile application is finally set to be available to the public this week.

The company will roll out the application to an inaugural cohort of 200 users and will gradually grant access to more users on a weekly basis. Daba’s vision is to build a unified solution allowing investors of all levels to find and invest in the best opportunities the African capital markets have to offer across multiple asset classes and countries.

Today, users will be able to find investment opportunities, invest their capital, manage and track their investments over time as well as access relevant daily investment news. To add, users will be able to engage with other investors on the platform to discuss investment strategies and share or copy their trades. For users who want an enhanced investment experience, they will be able to subscribe to various investment membership subscription plans that offer premium investment and intelligence features.

"We are completely reimagining what it means to invest in Africa," Boum, daba'a co-founder and CEO said. "Our first investment product is equity venture investing in high growth private African technology companies. African venture capital is at an inflexion point and there is a lot of willing capital sitting idle on the sideline that cannot access the VC asset class because of the high barriers to entry and infrastructural deficiencies in the system. Daba is changing that forever".

"We’ve really simplified the startup investing process making it both accessible and understandable" Anthony Miclet, co-founder and daba’s Head of Product said. Daba believes the African investing revolution has begun to unfold in front of the world’s eyes, as more institutional capital flows into the region and retail capital grows eager to participate in this burgeoning 1.5T capital market opportunity.

The company positions its solution as the conduit to facilitate and accelerate this trend by opening up access to this market. "For us, this is only the tip of the assets we are looking to unlock. There is lots more work ahead and exciting things soon to be announced. We are happy to finally release the application, place it in people’s hands and have them experience our product," Boum said.

Also, the team can be reached at [email protected].

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