Crowdyvest re-launches app with new investment opportunities

The refreshed mobile app offers a modern design, easy navigation, and exciting new features to deliver top-notch and seamless digital banking experience for its existing and prospective members.

Crowdyvest re-launches app with new investment opportunities

Crowdyvest Limited has re-launched its mobile app and introduced new investment plans.

The refreshed mobile app offers a modern design, easy navigation, and new features to deliver a top-notch and seamless digital banking experience for its existing and prospective members.

The digital wealth management and savings platform has also introduced Crowdyvest Yield, a catalogue of alternative offers that include commodity-specific projects and discretionary plans available to members ranging from short to long term tenors across a wide range of sectors. The features will give its members a variety of suitable plans to help build a saving and investment culture based entirely on their capability with product prices are still as low as ₦1,000 and return up to 25% per annum.

In addition to the upgraded features and new products, Crowdyvest has also partnered with UBA Global Investor Services Limited and Parthian Securities Limited, an investment brokerage firm licensed by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to ensure proper fund utilization, transparency and compliance. With these partnerships, they hope to give more comfort to their members by ensuring the safety of their funds.

Tope Omotolani the CEO of Crowdyvest has the vision to transform the company into a platform that allows its customers to carry out all kinds of financial activities that help them plan their lives and make their financial goals possible from the comfort of their smartphones and devices.

Speaking on the revamped mobile app, Tope said: "We aim to become the platform that helps our members plan and structure their finances through the different range of products we offer. As we work with organisations in different sectors to power viable and impact-driven projects through the funds we raise from our members, a symbiotic interdependence is created, leading to financial and economic growth for all. We believe this partnership is needed to foster growth and create more opportunities for Africa."

Crowdyvest has made an impressive growth of its user base from just over 50,000 customers to 140,000 customers in 8 months with a cumulative transaction value of more than $35 million. In the last 22 months, they have worked with different impact partners like Rice Afrika, Treepz, Landwey, Farmcrowdy, Crenov8 and others to fund projects in different sectors such as agriculture, transportation, real estate, technology, telecoms and many more.

Crowdyvest also won the Africa Most Innovative Online Saving and Investment Brand of the Year 2021 award by The Most Innovative Fintech Brands Africa Awards; Most Promising Fintech Start-up in Nigeria award by Global Business Outlook Awards 2021, Most Promising Tech Start-Up of the Year and the Most Outstanding Tech Start-Up of the Year by the Nigeria Technology Awards (NiTA) 2021; and was nominated for the prestigious African Banker Awards 2021 in the Innovation in Financial Services category.

Crowdyvest aims to become an impact-driven platform that provides all-in-one financial solutions for individuals and businesses that are committed to long-term growth and financial freedom. The platform will foster avenues for broader economic growth and build a system that will span across Nigeria and Africa.

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