Versecom, five others launch low-cost co-working space and hub initiative

The Energy Hub, first of the five hubs to be launched under the low-cost hub initiative, will be open to everyone for as low as ₦1,000/day.

Versecom, five others launch low-cost co-working space and hub initiative

Versecom Limited, in collaboration with IHS Nigeria—a telecom infrastructure provider—and four other partners, has launched a low-cost coworking space and hub initiative.

The initiative will be launching coworking spaces and hubs across Lagos to support startups, freelancers, remote workers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Focusing on different sectors of the economy, notably, agriculture, financial inclusion, smart city and health, energy and environment, as well as mobility and logistics, the other partners of the low-cost initiative are the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK), Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, Leadspace and Cisco Nigeria.

On November 1, 2019, first of the five co-working spaces and hubs planned to be launched under the low-cost hub initiative will be opened at the Rafiu Jafojo Park, Shasha, Alimosho. Called the Energy and Environment Hub, its events and programmes will be tailored towards startups, businesses and individuals in the energy and environment sector. To be among the first members of the hub community, fill this form.

The Energy Hub will be open to everyone and offer a seat at ₦1,000 per day, which is 80% lower than the current market rate.

Rafiu Jafojo Park

Timilehin Odushina, CEO and Co-founder of Versecom, told that the low-cost hub initiative was created to tackle the cost of office spaces and reduce the burden on SMEs, startups and freelancers in the country.

Incorporated in 2016, Versecom Limited provides free WiFi infrastructure at public places and monetize it through the placement of advertisement. Timilehin is also the CEO and Co-founder of GoAds Africa.

While doing our due diligence to provide free WiFi in Lagos parks, we realized that the parks' footfall is low during weekdays, which is not good for a sustainable free WiFi business. In order to boost the park usage during weekdays, we came up with the idea of creating low-cost co-working spaces across Lagos parks. The Energy Hub is one of the five hubs we plan to open."

Timilehin Odusina, CEO of Versecom.

In addition to the 500-seat capacity of the Energy Hub, IHS Nigeria has funded the construction of an energy laboratory equipped with tools such as transformer winder and oscilloscope to enhance innovation in the energy and environment sector, which is one of the pillars of IHS corporate social responsibility.

Additional information

Versecom Limited is the creator of the low-cost hub initiative, while LASPARK is the operator of all public parks in Lagos and, as such, the regulator of this major partnership. Leadspace by Passion Incubator would manage the Energy Hub and help entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses; the LSETF, through its Lagos Innovates programme, will be in charge of community engagements, while Cisco Nigeria is providing support with WiFi equipment for the hub.

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