How much does it cost to build a website in 2023?

In this comprehensive analysis, guest writer Yuliya Melnik writes on how much it will cost to build a standard website in 2023.

How much does it cost to build a website in 2023?
The cost of building a website

Calculating the costs of building a website can be quite a challenge. Numerous factors come into play, influencing the final price. The website development mixes diverse elements like web pages, functionalities, the chosen technology stack, and design components.

Whether you plan to build a dating website or make a marketplace, it's impossible to ascertain the exact construction cost of a website without precise details.

Could you furnish a comprehensive analysis of the expenses involved in website development? Let's find out the solution.

Average Cost to Build a Website

Our analysis reveals that website development costs vary based on different phases and can range from $8,750 to over $38,000 for custom projects.

UI/UX design

UI/UX Design is a key element of the evolution of websites and online platforms. The arrangement and aesthetics of a webpage play an indispensable part in conveying a brand's message and establishing a profound connection with potential visitors upon initial interaction. The effectiveness of UI/UX design is vital for the triumph of a website in terms of user engagement and loyalty. A well-executed UI/UX design should prioritize simplicity and aesthetic appeal while effectively conveying essential information.

The financial aspects of UI/UX design encompass meticulous research, wireframing, and prototyping procedures. These intricate processes necessitate a comprehensive planning phase that centers around discerning target-audience preferences, scrutinizing user behaviors and objectives, and ultimately crafting a comprehensive prototype incorporating all these elements.

Thorough research is paramount in guiding business decisions related to various design elements, such as functionalities, color schemes, visuals, and typography, which play a pivotal role in creating a stellar UI/UX design. Considering all expenses, establishing a successful online presence through websites or digital products requires an investment in a top-notch UI/UX design.

Front-end development

The front-end development stage holds significant importance in creating a website. This stage involves constructing and designing the website's visual appearance. First, create an attractive design prototype. After completing this phase, conducting quality assurance (QA) testing on all components is crucial to verify their proper functionality.

The complexity of tasks, animations, and navigational features affects the cost of the stage. This stage can range from two to six weeks, but the price for developers is not always high as low-complexity items may require minimal time. Web project budgets can vary greatly, depending on website responsiveness, computing power requirements, and the customer's specific needs. These budgets may range from $1000 to over $12500. Front-end development involves balancing technical abilities and creative design while considering clients' budget limitations for practical purposes.

Back-end development

Admin panel development: During website and app development, backend development plays a crucial role in connecting servers to front-end users. Its primary purpose is to enable end-user interaction with server data by facilitating query initiation and sharing responses.

This software encompasses advanced functionalities like intricate search capabilities, handling of non-standard data, and seamless integration with external services. To achieve optimal outcomes, it is essential to consider key factors such as efficient algorithms, effective data structures, and practical debugging tools.

The cost associated with backend development varies based on the complexity level and desired implementation features. Frequently employed technologies include JavaScript libraries and frameworks like Angular or React, PHP programming language, and databases like MySQL or MongoDB. Additionally, cloud providers like Amazon Web Services are commonly utilized. Various options are available for meeting specific business requirements, such as Ruby on Rails or Node.js. The pricing for these solutions typically ranges from around $4,000 to $12,500, depending on the project's scale and the required skill set.

The final development cost of all stages

Based on recent surveys, it has been found that the estimated expenses for website development in 2023 range from approximately $1000 to $10,000 on average. The total cost of web development encompasses various factors such as design, domain name registration, hosting services, and ongoing maintenance. The expenses incurred in a web development project are influenced by the level of complexity and the technological requirements of its stack.

For the creation of a basic website using a simple template, the cost can vary between $1000 and $3000. However, if additional pages, interactive features, and unique design elements are required, the price range may extend from $10,000 to $50,000.

Approaches to build a website and how It affects the price

Three ways to build your website: first, hire a team.


Freelancers commonly determine their labor costs through hourly rates or project-based fees, presenting a budget-friendly alternative for recruitment. Various platforms facilitate the discovery of independent contractors, including Upwork, Fiverr, and The hourly rate for an independent contractor exhibits considerable variation, influenced by elements like proficiency, geographic location, and experience, typically spanning from $15 to $150 per hour on average.

In-house developers

Employing an in-house group of developers and designers may incur a larger expenditure, but it facilitates enhanced supervision and collaboration throughout the developmental stage. Senior developers in the United States typically receive an annual salary of about $125,000, while senior designers can earn approximately $95,000 per year. The expenses may vary depending on the company's scale and geographical location.


Outsourcing is a commonly utilized strategy by companies seeking to reduce expenses and collaborate with skilled professionals. Outsourcing to regions with lower labor costs can be cost-effective for obtaining high-quality work, including locations like Northern/Central Europe, India, or Southeast Asia. The hourly rate for outsourcing is subject to variation, ranging from $25 to $100 per hour, contingent upon the geographical location and proficiency of the team.

The cost of creating a website (By Types)

The digital world offers an expansive playground where websites are being created serving diverse purposes, spanning from displaying individual interests and skills to fueling multifaceted entrepreneurial endeavors. The greater the intricacy of the undertaking, the greater the time investment and financial implications.

The cost of creating a website for a business

Typically, informational websites focus on brand promotion and customer loyalty, with the cost being dependent on the complexity of the site.

Based on customer feedback, common page requests for business website development include:

  • About Company
  • Services
  • Contacts
  • Blog / Press page
  • Testimonials

Every web project is a unique work of art, showcasing its own distinctive structure and personality. These web pages form the foundation for the creation of breathtaking websites.

Determining the cost of building a website for small businesses typically revolves around the number of pages. However, the features you select will be based on your individual preferences.

For medium-sized companies and enterprises, the expenses associated with developing a business website tend to become more complex. Estimating website costs can be challenging due to their specific security, features, and page quantity requirements.

Unveiling the price tag for your ideal website may feel like an endless adventure. Depending on your chosen geographical location (Europe, USA, and beyond), the development costs for business websites can range from $9,500 to $13,000 or more.

Landing page cost

In web development, there are two separate interpretations attributed to the concept of a landing page.

  • A landing page, by definition, serves as a dedicated platform to endorse or vend a particular product or service, encompassing only a single webpage.
  • Within the broader framework of a website, a landing page is distinct and designed to promote or sell a specific product or service.

These pages generally comprise a moderate amount of content and are crafted to sustain user attention, urging them to take specific actions like completing a purchase or downloading a file. Landing pages often find utility in promoting applications.

Despite the potential lengthiness of such pages, the construction expenses for this type of website are usually lower compared to multi-page websites. The intricacy of animations can influence the time and cost involved in website creation.

Additional Website Creation Costs

When creating a website, it is important to consider additional expenses that may arise.

Domain name

A website's domain name functions as a unique identifier, setting it apart. The address bar on your web browser exhibits the content you are accessing. To access a specific website, it is crucial to employ its exact address, commonly called a domain name. This address can be registered using dedicated services. It's worth noting that including a domain name is a fundamental aspect of the overall cost of a website.


Hosting is a specialized service that ensures your website remains accessible on the internet 24/7. The performance and speed of your website are closely tied to the hosting provider you choose.


As with any system, the code requires regular maintenance. Website maintenance ensures that all functions are working properly and that users do not experience any issues or glitches.

Cost of Creating a Website: Marketing Expenses

The awareness of a product's existence is crucial for its success.

It was deemed beneficial to incorporate marketing expenses alongside the costs of website development by the author.

In creating a website, including marketing expenses, can result in a notable increase in overall cost. When engaging in marketing activities, budgeting may be necessary for tasks such as SEO, PPC advertising, content creation, email campaigns, social media campaigns, and other ongoing efforts, depending on the specific approach taken. The price tag for these services is a wild card - it all depends on your unique requirements!

This article is a guest contribution by Yuliya Melnik, a technical writer at Cleveroad, a web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. She is passionate about innovative technologies that make the world a better place and loves creating content that evokes vivid emotions.

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