How Ckrowd Studios will enable African content creators to earn revenue for live and on-demand content

Ckrowd Studios will usher in the new era of digital cinema, providing premium distribution and monetization services to film and content producers, connecting Africa and the global diaspora.

How Ckrowd Studios will enable African content creators to earn revenue for live and on-demand content

Ckrowd has launched Ckrowd Studios to usher in the new era of digital cinema.

Ckrowd Studios, a private enterprise driven and a business-to-business initiative between Ckrowd and independent producers across Africa & Diaspora, will offer content producers and creators a digital cinema format to release and distribute exclusively their creation, both to local and global audiences.

Using the Studios will also enable digital creatives to make smarter business decisions, and connect to their audiences anywhere, while also enabling access to business insights and monetisation using data analytics and geo-localisation.

Ckrowd will provide its secure and scalable digital infrastructure to power Ckrowd Studios, deepening its connection and relationships with its audiences worldwide. Furthermore, film producers and creators will be able to receive foreign exchange earnings for their locally, but quality crafted and produced TV and film content.

“We believe that Ckrowd Studios will be a winning solution for talented producers and production houses seeking to drive profit for their content, including Live or On-Demand film, TV series, short films, documentary, educational series, music videos and more,” Kayode Adebayo, CEO of Ckrowd stated.

According to Adebayo, viewers will also enjoy and be able to consume a vast array of content options for a small fee using Pay-Per-View options, which will simply mean they do not have to pay any fees for content they are not interested in, which is what the subscription payment encourages.

Live or On-Demand content are co-created and formatted together with the Ckrowd Production & Marketing team. The team of experts at Ckrowd will then formulate ad-hoc integrated marketing and distribution plans, which will be supported by Ckrowd marketing innovative tools to drive paid viewership and revenue to the content via the website.

In a statement made available to, this Digital Cinema formula will produce and offer audiences many original and well-produced content, that are often overlooked in the global market due to the many intricacies and bureaucratic processes behind other studios and global entertainment companies that cannot fully grasp how to effectively reach local audiences and the Diaspora.

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Furthermore, Ckrowd Studios will help to accelerate cultural integration within the film and content creation industries by supporting and connecting producers across East, West & Southern African regions and bringing their films to distributor and consumer audiences across the continent and global audience for better distribution and funding.

The entertainment platform will feature English speaking films, but also some in local languages, including Yoruba, which will be produced by entertainment mavericks who have just been signed to Ckrowd Sudios, such as Adeleye Fabusoro, CEO of Rare Edge Media, and Ola Abraham Emmauel of Owambe Productions, creators of Bro Code (TV Series) starring Adedimeji Lateef, Baaj Adebule.

Ckrowd intends to become the biggest content and concept company for Africa and Diaspora Content, complete with production and financing opportunities for Content Producers.

This is because Ckrowd will also provide producers and creators with an ultra-modern audio-visual & film studio facility to support local and global production projects, showcasing its commitment to be directly involved in producing 50% of its original and exclusive content and forming strategic partnerships to co-finance and license content from producers and content creators across Africa and the Diaspora.

Founded by Olukayode Adebayo in November 2020, Ckrowd distributes African Content in information, education, and entertainment to a global audience in short video and live-stream format while delivering economic value to African creators. Ckrowd pays 70% of total income on content to creators.

In 2021, Ckrowd secured a $60,000 of pre-seed funding and $100,000 export grant investment to “disrupt the African and Afro-diaspora tech and content creation markets and allow African content creators across Africa and the diaspora to monetize their content and protect their content through structured IP and copyright infrastructure.”

Recently, the company appointed two new advisory board members, Katherine McVicker and Adeleye Fabusoro that will provide independent advice, strategic insight and foresight, support and scrutiny for Ckrowd's growth.

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