Co-creation Hub, Nigeria's leading innovation centre, recently made known the 5 companies that receive investment in its latest syndicate round.

The announcement was made in unofficial fashion, via a tweet by CcHub CEO, Bosun Tijani.

  • Zumi: a Kenyan company that is revolutionizing the retail fashion industry. The company is transforming a $31 billion market by providing credit and logistic infrastructure to women in the African apparel retail space.
  • Casky: a Moroccan company looking to make transportation safer using Internet-of-Things. Their safety devices connected with IoT, are improving visibility, reducing response time and making trips safer for commuters and motorcycle hobbyists across Europe and Africa.
  • Chekkit: a Nigerian company which provides manufacturers with a tracking management system secured on an Ethereum based blockchain network. With this, they provide smarter, safer and trackable products, while protecting the shoppers and connecting manufacturers directly to their customers.
  • Drugstoc: A Nigerian company disrupting drug procurement across Africa. Through the use of technology & innovation, the company has facilitated the distribution of more than 12 million prescriptions and over 7,000 products.
  • OneHealth: a Nigerian company digitizing pharmacare by using technology to make health care services accessible & remote management of patient’s healthcare seamless.