Catalyst Fund seeks ambitious talent for portfolio companies, launches internship

Internship positions are available at Lami, Indicina, Koa, Power, and Kandua in sales, data analysis, customer service, project management, engineering, and more.

Catalyst Fund seeks ambitious talent for portfolio companies, launches internship

The Catalyst Fund Inclusive Fintech Program opens up 12 internship positions, calls for applications which close in two weeks.

The Catalyst Fund Inclusive Fintech program is managed by BFA Global. This round of internship intake is done in collaboration with the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) at the Cambridge University Judge Business School.

Catalyst Fund and CCAF identify skills gaps within Catalyst Fund portfolio companies that can be filled by ambitious junior talent, through the Talent program.

Successful applicants to the program will join fast-growing fintech startups. There, they can build their professional skills and network, while forging a pathway toward a potential career in fintech.

Rina Joseph, a 2020 PR Intern at Pesakit in Kenya said, "This is an extremely beneficial internship, and it can be remarkably valuable towards your career. You will be working for some amazing companies that are helping people in a very tangible way, and an additional bonus is that you will be a part of a talented cohort of like-minded professionals who will be a part of your network forever. I am grateful to have received this opportunity through Catalyst Fund. I had never worked in the fintech space before, and now I’m certain that this is the foundation I want to build my career upon."

Members of Catalyst Fund’s latest cohort—including Lami, Indicina, Koa, Power, and Kandua—have openings across a range of verticals, such as sales, data analysis, customer service, project management, engineering.

Successful candidates will join a global network of over 35 interns who have worked with Catalyst Fund’s portfolio companies across 14 emerging markets. Over 50% of interns who have completed the program have received full-time employment offers at their startup.

Chosen candidates receive:

  • A 3-6 month paid internship with an impact-oriented fintech startup in emerging markets, which could transition into a full-time role.
  • Exposure to fast-growing fintech markets and the broader fintech ecosystem through training with Catalyst Fund and CCAF experts, along with tailored professional development opportunities.
  • An opportunity to cross-learn from a global community of interns who are all passionate about building innovative technology for the underserved.

"The ability to work closely with incredible entrepreneurs who are building highly impactful and inclusive products is a transformational opportunity for our interns", said Abby Butkus, Program Manager for Catalyst Fund and Program Lead for the Inclusive Fintech Talent Program. "We’ve iterated on the program over the last few years to ensure we are providing critical support to startups as they onboard and manage junior talent. We continually refine the way we provide mentorship, training, and community to the interns to set them up for growth and success. After working with their first intern through the program, over 70% of startups have requested another or launched their own internship programs."

To fuel its pipeline of high potential candidates for the Talent Program, Catalyst Fund and CCAF are forging partnerships with universities and training programs across emerging markets who wish to expose their students to opportunities within fintech companies that are building impactful solutions for underserved communities.

Interested young professionals can apply via Catalyst Fund’s website, and universities interested in partnering with the program can contact the team via mail, [email protected].

Applications close on April 15, 2021 at 12 AM (EAT).

The Catalyst Fund Inclusive Fintech accelerator, managed by BFA Global, supports the development of affordable, accessible and appropriate digital financial solutions to improve the financial health of the world’s 3 billion underserved population. It also facilitates the growth of innovation ecosystems in emerging markets.

Catalyst Fund’s flagship accelerator is supported by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and JPMorgan Chase & Co., and fiscally sponsored by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. Its focus markets include Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico and India.

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