Busha, a leading crypto-exchange in Nigeria, has launched a new app that allows users to buy crypto from as low as ₦250. You can also set recurring purchases and place limit buys and sells on the new app.

Rebuilt based on customer feedback, Busha's new app provides the best user-experience for beginners in crypto and more advanced users.

You can download the all-new Busha app on Apple App Store and Google Playstore.

Since 2019, Busha has been at the forefront of onboarding users into the crypto economy by addressing user experience gaps in the market. It introduced real-time customer service and instant payout before other crypto exchanges.

Cryptocurrency adoption is growing at an impressive rate in Nigeria, and an all-inclusive product like Busha is necessary to further drive this growth. Busha is making it possible for people to make purchases from as low as ₦250 as a part of its mission to make crypto accessible to a broader population and reduce the entry barriers.

A screenshot of Busha's new app
A screenshot of the all-new Busha app

In addition to this, many new users find order books complex and daunting. Busha has introduced limit buys and sells on the new app that users can understand in a few clicks.

"A major reason why people love to use Busha is because of how seamless and intuitive our app is", Busha CEO Michael Adeyeri said. "Since 2019, we have had what we think is the best crypto app out there. We did not think it could get much better, but it just did."

He is happy that Busha has introduced some best-in-class features that will take the crypto experience of existing and new customers to another level, he added. Busha does this while providing a safe avenue for good actors in the crypto economy to trade in a legally compliant and secure manner.

Download the all-new Busha app today on Google PlayStore or Apple App Store irrespective of your crypto experience to enjoy superior pricing and exciting features.

More new features are going live in the coming weeks, and this is only the beginning.

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