Brandmobile Africa announces the launch of Kuuzza

Kuuzza provides a risk-free, exciting, profitable & sustainable business for young, agile and entrepreneurial Nigerians looking for an alternative source of income.

Brandmobile Africa announces the launch of Kuuzza

BrandMobile Africa, creators of Kuuzza, have announced the launch of its decentralised sales platform, developed specifically for businesses to connect seamlessly to motivated sellers.

Business owners now have the opportunity to expand their businesses to reach new demographics faster without the interference of middlemen or multiple retailers while sellers can earn money by selling products on the virtual inventory without any upfront capital.

In effect, Kuuzza is automating the traditional person to person commerce that is often driven by personal relationships, word of mouth and social commerce.

“It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce the release of Kuuzza,” said Toby Nwanede, CEO and co-founder of Kuuzza at the brand launch.

The Gap Kuuzza is Bridging in The Retail Industry

Kuuzza provides a risk-free, exciting, profitable & sustainable business for young, agile and entrepreneurial Nigerians looking for an alternative source of income.

Kuuzza’s solution touches manufacturers, distribution companies, logistics providers, fulfilment centres, credit/loan facilitators, etc.

Kuuzza combines retail, tech, escrow payment integration and logistics in order to attain customer fulfilment. With Kuuzza, everyone's a winner. Every stakeholder, be it the vendor, seller or end-user, everyone gets value for every sale.

Why choose Kuuzza?

Business owners can manage and keep track of their inventory. Products are available to resellers at no upfront cost. Sellers can access thousands of products on the go. Payments are processed using a secured, frictionless payment channel that is accessible by all.

Resellers can select any product on Kuuzza, decide and add their desired profit themselves before selling directly to customers. For every product sold on Kuuzza, resellers earn points that can be redeemed for airtime, vouchers and cash.

All these benefits and more are available to all stakeholders on the Kuuzza platform.

‘’Today has been a proud and humbling day as we launched Kuuzza in a small but wonderful event” said Toby Nwanede, CEO and Co-Founder, Kuuzza. He continued,

“I am deeply grateful to my team at BrandMobile Africa who have worked tirelessly to put this product together. Kuuzza isn’t just a powerful solution, it represents a significant project for us. What is more powerful is that every single thing that you are selling on this platform can be tracked in real-time through your Kuuzza dashboard. Vendors can see who is selling their products, and how their product is performing - these are real data that can be used to make quick intelligent decisions”.

While speaking at the event, Habeeb Aremu, COO and Co-Founder, Kuuzza had this to say, ‘’Kuuzza will be among the most significant platforms empowering Africans (businesses and individuals) in the next 5 years.  The objective is to ensure that for individuals it becomes a lifestyle application and for businesses, it becomes an enabler.’’

Gbemiga Jacobs, Founder, All Things Adire, a vendor on, who was present at the event, shared his thoughts on the platform, ‘’It’s awesome, this is really awesome, and a good one and makes my life easier, because I get to focus on producing while giving other chains to others including delivery. I will really also love to see more vendors onboarded and I am talking to 5 other people at the moment.’’

Hassan Tukpe-Ajikobi, Project Manager, Home Et Al shared his thoughts on Kuuzza’s referral program, ‘’I think the referral program will be a huge boost because those who are in the small and medium scale businesses will usually have downlines and if you can find a way to encourage them, they can bring more vendors.’’

How to sign up on

Getting started on is as easy as these few steps:

  1. Create an account: Sign up at no cost and access our inventory immediately.
  2. Find a product, decide profit and market: Find and market products to potential buyers via social media or any other channel of your choice, sell.
  3. Get paid: After selling, we handle the payments and logistics. You get paid.

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