The best wireless headphones you can get for under $30/₦40,000 in 2024

We compared features on some of the best wireless headphones in Nigeria to help you find your next lifestyle set for below ₦40,000.

The best wireless headphones you can get for under $30/₦40,000 in 2024

Are you in the market for great budget-friendly Bluetooth headphones? You’re on the right track! Wireless headphones offer a convenient and comfortable way to enjoy your music, podcasts, and calls with zero cable clutter. 

If you're looking for amazing options in Nigeria under $30/₦40,000 price points, we’ve zeroed in on ten favourites currently making waves from leading audio brands.

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List of the best under $30 wireless headphones in Nigeria 

Below, you’ll find a quick roundup of our top choices for below, and you can jump to a quick review of each model.

  • Green Lion Santiago Wireless Headphone
  • Porodo Soundtec Wireless Headphone
  • Havit i62 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headset
  • Oraimo BoomPop Over-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphone
  • ZEALOT B36 Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphone
  • Lenovo HD200 Wireless BT Headset
  • Baseus Encok D02 Pro Headphones
  • Asda Mixx StreamQ C2 Headphones
  • Tecno Nightingale N1 Wireless Headset
  • P9 Air Max Powerful Max Bass Wireless Foldable Headphones

GREEN LION SANTIAGO - ₦32,000/$22.5

Green Lion Santiago Headphone in White

The Green Lion Santiago wireless headphones prove you don't need to break the bank for premium features. At ₦32,000, they offer a surprising blend of versatility and functionality.

It boasts reliable Bluetooth 5.3 and a convenient AUX input for seamless connectivity which is perfect for non-Bluetooth devices or conserving battery life. Speaking of battery life, you get to enjoy an incredible 24 hours of uninterrupted playback on a single charge.

The Santiago delivers with plush ear cushions and a flexible headband for all-day wear. Active noise cancellation lets you tune out distractions and focus on your music. Plus, with multiple colour options, you can find a pair that expresses your style.

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HAVIT i62 - ₦22,500/$15.8

Havit i62 in Black

The Havit i62 headphones prove that great features and affordability can coexist. These over-ear marvels offer a surprisingly robust listening experience. With their 90-degree rotating design and Bluetooth 5.0, they grant you freedom of movement and reliable connectivity. The FM radio, MicroSD slot, and MP3 compatibility also ensure your music is always within reach, in whatever format you choose.

Comfort is key with the Havit i62. The ultra-soft ear pads cradle your ears for hours of fatigue-free listening. The Havit i62’s 400mAh battery delivers up to 8 hours of playback with a quick recharge time, so you're never without your audio escape.

But it's not just about convenience – the Havit i62 delivers immersive sound. It comes with dual 40mm drivers known for providing rich highs and powerful bass, while the sound isolation feature lets you focus on the music you love.

Get yours from Jumia

ORAIMO BOOMPOP 1 - ₦35,900/$25

Oraimo Boom Pop headphone

The Oraimo Boom Pop 1 headphones prioritize comfort. They feature a 90-degree rotating design for a customized fit and ultra-soft memory foam ear pads for extended listening sessions.  With reliable Bluetooth 5.0, you can enjoy a stable wireless connection up to 10 meters, giving you the freedom to move. Plus, these headphones go beyond Bluetooth, offering FM Radio, MicroSD, MP3, and Aux inputs for maximum listening flexibility.

The Oraimo Boom Pop 1 stands out with its generous 8-hour battery life for both music and calls, plus a lengthy 180-hour standby time. It takes a mere 2.5 hours to get back to full power when you need to charge. Don't let the budget-friendly price deceive you – these headphones deliver surprisingly clear, balanced audio with a satisfying bass response.

Get yours from Jumia

PORODO SOUNDTEC - ₦35,000/$26.85

Porodo Soundtec headphone in Mint Green

The Porodo Soundtec headphones stand out for their practical features. They boast a high-clarity microphone and noise-cancellation technology for crystal-clear calls. The 40mm drivers deliver rich audio, and the remarkable 50-hour battery life (or a full 2 days at maximum volume) ensures your music never stops. And when you need a power boost? They offer an impressive 10 hours of playtime after just 10 minutes of charging.

Beyond their sound quality, Porodo Soundtec headphones are designed for convenience and durability. Their easy-to-use buttons and sleek, rubberized surface make them adaptable to the demands of daily life. Whether amidst bustling streets or in the quiet of your home, these headphones provide a consistent and enjoyable listening experience.

Get yours from Jumia

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ZEALOT B36 - ₦28,500/$20

Zealot B36 headphone in Black

Designed for audiophiles in Nigeria, the Zealot B36 headphones deliver powerful sound and convenient features at a $20 price cap. With 40mm dynamic speakers and Bluetooth 5.0, they offer a rich and stable listening experience. If comfort is your top priority, the headphone’s adjustable headband and soft earmuffs are just right. Importantly, active noise cancellation helps you focus on your music or calls.

The Zealot B36 offers more–You can download the ZEALOT APP for access to countless radio stations, or easily fold the headphones up when you're on the go. 

Get yours from Konga

ASDA MIXX STREAMQ C1 - ₦39,960/$28

Mixx StreamQ C2 Headphone

The MIXX StreamQ C2 headphones seamlessly blend lasting power and user-friendly design, making them a great choice for Nigerian listeners seeking both quality and affordability. Their marathon battery life promises a day of uninterrupted music and podcasts. With up to 25 hours of playtime – and a quick 15-minute charge that delivers 8 more hours – these headphones keep the audio flowing.

Beyond impressive stamina, the StreamQ C2 headphones prioritize convenience. Integrated controls put music and call management at your fingertips, while Google and Siri compatibility make hands-free interaction effortless. The foldable design and rotating earpads ensure easy portability, perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle.

Designed for comfort, the over-ear design creates an immersive sound experience, whether you're bustling through Lagos or relaxing at home.  Priced at 39,960 naira, the MIXX StreamQ C2 headphones deliver a rich wireless audio experience without breaking the bank.

Get yours from Asda Groceries

LENOVO HD200 - ₦28,000/$19

The Lenovo HD200 headphone

The Lenovo HD200 wireless headphones offer a versatile and immersive listening experience at an accessible price of ₦28,000. These headphones feature the latest Bluetooth V5.0, ensuring a smooth, lag-free connection, and even include a 3.5mm audio cable for wired compatibility. 

Lenovo's commitment to comfort is evident in the HD200's foldable design, adjustable headband, and soft ear cushions, making them perfect for long commutes or relaxed listening sessions. With its built-in microphone for clear hands-free calls, the Lenovo HD200 is the ideal companion for staying connected on the go.

The headphone upgrades your listening experience without compromising on what matters most – music, comfort, and the freedom to connect your way.

Get yours from Jumia

BASEUS ENCOK DO2 PRO - ₦36,800/$26

The Baseus Enock DO2 Pro

As the eighth entry in our roundup of the best wireless headphones under $30, the D02 Pro impresses with its flexibility and comfort-driven design.

These headphones prioritize adaptability, offering both wireless and wired modes through a 3.5mm port to suit your preferences. The adjustable, rotatable earcups and foldable design also provide a personalized and portable listening experience. The soft ear cushions and padded headband ensure your lasting comfort during even the longest listening sessions.

D02 Pro's high-capacity battery delivers up to 25 hours of music on a single charge and boasts a whopping 300 hours of standby time. You can also enjoy crystal-clear calls thanks to the 360-degree Bluetooth microphone, whether you're navigating busy streets and workspaces.

Widely compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the Baseus Enock D02 Pro headphones offer a premium experience that's accessible to everyone in Nigeria.

Get yours from Jumia


Tecno Nightingale Wireless Stereo Headphone

The Tecno Nightingale N1 Wireless Stereo Bass headphones perfectly balance affordability and audio quality.  With Bluetooth 5.0, you'll enjoy a stable, lag-free connection, allowing you to focus on the music. Get ready for remarkably long battery life – up to 47 hours of playback and about 250 hours of standby time!

These headphones deliver powerful, immersive sound owing to their vigorous bass and 40MM speaker. The included carrying case makes the Nightingale N1 convenient for on-the-go listening, protecting them during your commute or travels.

Priced at ₦27,909, the Tecno Nightingale N1 is another option that proves you can enjoy a premium wireless audio experience in Nigeria without breaking the bank.

Get yours from Jumia

P9 AIR MAX BASS - ₦23,000/$17.6

P9 Airmax Bass in Green

The P9 Airmax Bass headphones perfectly blend comfort, versatility, and immersive sound. Their design, often compared to the Apple AirPods Max, prioritizes comfort with breathable earcups and memory foam padding. This provides long-lasting comfort and enhances sound isolation.

Lightweight and compatible with multiple devices, the P9 Airmax Bass easily adapts to all-day wear. Whether you're gaming, commuting, or relaxing, you'll enjoy the freedom of wireless audio. The built-in dual-beamforming microphones deliver crystal-clear voice quality, filtering out background noise for seamless communication.

Safety is a priority on the P9 Airmax Bass, with a feature to protect your hearing during long listening sessions. Plus, you get a 10-meter wireless range and convenient USB charging.

Get yours from Jumia

What to consider when choosing your next headphone

To find the best wireless headphones that fit your lifestyle and intended use, it's important to have a clear idea of what you need. Consider these key specifications before making your purchase:

  • The first step is to introspect on the primary use of your headphones. Whether it’s for commuting, working out, or studio recording, each scenario demands a different set of features and design elements.
  • Your environment secondly, plays a crucial role in your listening experience. Evaluate the level of ambient noise you wish to filter out. Look for specifications like “Active Noise Cancellation” for quiet solitude or “Ambient Sound” modes for awareness of your surroundings.
  • Realizing that audio is a personal journey will help you reflect on the genres of music you enjoy or the type of podcasts you follow. This will guide you towards headphones that cater to your sonic preferences, from deep bass to crisp highs.
  • Consider the ergonomics and build. The design you choose should align with your lifestyle. For active users, search for headphones with a secure fit and water resistance. Comfort is paramount, so opt for models that promise ease during prolonged use.
  • It’s also important to select a model that resonates with your individual taste, whether that’s a bass-heavy sound or one that accentuates finer details. Some headphones even provide customizable sound profiles through apps.
  • As with every gadget, battery life remains the bedrock of any gadget's functionality. When selecting a model, prioritize one that provide sufficient battery life to support your daily activities without frequent charging. Technological advancements have elevated the endurance of batteries, with certain models now offering remarkably prolonged playtime.
  • Ensure your headphones come with essentials like a carrying case, charging cable, and additional ear tips or cups.
  • Finally, price is a highly significant factor, but balancing cost with quality is important. Premium brands may demand a higher price, but investing in a reputable brand can save you from the shortcomings of cheaper alternatives that may lack in sound quality or durability.

As you wrap up your reading, remember that prices keep changing, with new deals and sales popping up all the time. This means you can find the perfect headphones for you at a great price! Just be on the lookout for these sales and think about the things we talked about in this guide (battery life, noise cancelling, comfort, etc.) By doing this, you'll choose headphones that fit your budget and how you like to listen to music. 

Happy shopping!

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