BD Insider 75: ANKA, Ajua's acquisition, and stalkerware report

Letter 74 focuses on Afrikera's SaaS solution, ANKA, Ajua's acquisition and Kaspersky's stalkerware report on Nigeria and Kenya.

BD Insider 75: ANKA, Ajua's acquisition, and stalkerware report

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It has been an exciting seven (7) days for us since we last sent a newsletter.

Last week, we launched our first series dubbed Under The Hoodie.

What is Under The Hoodie about?

Typically, when media houses talk tech, the focus seems to be on the founders, investors, product, etc, you know, the one percent. No one seemed to acknowledge the everyday people who work tirelessly to keep the company moving. We want to change that with Under The Hoodie.

Every Tuesday, we will spotlight tech talents that are doing great things in their fields. Under The Hoodie will spotlight talented people across all tracks in tech.

The first spotlight we published was about Chidera Olibie, a Software Engineer who got into Google without applying.

Will there be merch? We'll keep our fingers crossed on that.

In today’s newsletter, we will be covering;

  • Ajua’s acquisition of Wayawaya
  • Afrikrea's plan to power African e-commerce
  • Kaspersky's report on the stalkerware challenge in Africa

Let's dive in!!!

Afrikrea wants to power African e-commerce with ANKA

Afrikrea, a marketplace startup based in Ivory Coast, launched ANKA, an all-in-one SaaS e-commerce solution.

The new solution will allow micro retailers to sell via a customized storefront, ship products across the world, and get paid via local and international payment methods.

Afrikrea also entered into partnerships with DHL, Visa, MPesa, Orange, MTN, PayPal, etc., to further facilitate seamless service for their users.

Afrikrea’s ANKA solution

Ajua Acquires WayaWaya for an undisclosed sum

Kenyan integrated customer experience management solution for SMEs, Ajua has acquired WayaWaya.

WayaWaya is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) known for its Janja platform that enables borderless banking and payment across apps and social media platforms.

Ajua’s acquisition will help them improve their customer’s experience by allowing them access to automate responses across Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Read more on Ajua’s acquisition

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Stalkerware affects 1 in 100 mobile users in Kenya and Nigeria

Stalkerware is a spyware used for stalking. A recent report from a cybersecurity company, Kaspersky, has revealed that one of every 100 mobile users in Nigeria and Kenya is affected by stalkerware.

Kaspersky further revealed that stalkerware focuses on specific individuals. It’s more personal than malware that targets victims on a massive scale.

According to the cybersecurity company, the spyware can track a victim’s location or eavesdrop on their phone conversation.

But there’s a solution.

Kaspersky’s stalkerware report


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