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Building on the success of our first series “Under The Hoodie”, would like to announce our second original web series, themed “ Zero To Scale”.

Zero To Scale is a new web series that focuses on the journeys of African founders and their startups from day zero until the day they achieve scale.

With a 54.20% failure rate for startups, Africa appears to be a better place for entrepreneurs than most of the world. At least at first glance. Entrepreneurs on the continent, however, have a different story to tell.

Burdened by  challenges like low internet penetration, financial exclusion, poverty, harsh economic climates and unpredictable governmental policies, African founders often have to be at their innovative best to build scalable companies.


This series will attempt to breakdown the intricacies of running a startup, and building against the odds. In this series, we will be speaking to founders and founding members of startups that have made an indelible impact on the African ecosystem.

From Lagos, to Nairobi to Cairo, we will bring our readers the best African startup stories. Some of the themes we will be covering include:

  • The inspiration behind their startups
  • Product validation challenges they faced
  • How they hacked distribution
  • What helped them achieve scale
  • Lessons they learnt from building.

Through this series, we hope to shed light on the intricacies of running a technology business in Africa. We also hope to inspire the next generation of founders through this series..

How it will run

Zero To Scale will be published every Thursday by 8 am (WAT).

Save it in your calendar and keep an eye on our social media channels for more updates.