Adanian Labs Venture Building Programme is open for the 2022 cohort. Interested startups in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania can apply for the 12 months programme; the deadline is December 10, 2021.

Adanian Labs was launched last year by Bendon Murgor, Irene Kiwia and John Kamara. Its mission is to build 300 impact driven tech startups that are commercially viable and scalable across the continent and beyond, with a vision to create exponential impact on the African economy through youth empowerment.

We aim to build the next generation of socially impactful and commercially driven companies that will change the world from Africa. We are intentional in how we support entrepreneurs by de-risking the potential for failure through a 360 degree intervention that takes care of the key resources needed to help startups succeed.

— Adanian Labs CEO John Kamara

Adanian Labs Venture Building Programme offers a blend of technology development, technical support, business mentorship, access to market, partnerships and up to $120,000 pre-seed or seed funding. The programme is open to startups with a prototype that can be further developed. Ideal startups should have high impact potential. Apply here.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from sectors like finTech, edutech, agritech, healthtech, envirotech, insurtech, energytech, smart-city, mobilitytech, emmersivetech including IoT, blockchain and AI startups. We believe in the potential bestowed upon the youths of Africa and are excited to take part in unleashing opportunities to help them harness tangiable value.

— Adanian Labs CEO John Kamara

Since its launch in 2020, Adanian Labs has incubated 14 tech startups across different sectors and raised seed funding for some of them; and established partnership with Emurgo Africa, a vehicle of EMURGO, the commercial arm of Cardano. Some notable startups in Adanian portfolio are:

  • Afya Rekod — a consumer driven digital health data platform
  • Phema-Agri — an agriculture crowdfunding platform
  • Paylend — an SME credit lending solution
  • Twaa — a digital space for all women
  • eCobba — a digital platform for all kinds of savings and investment groups
  • RewardAdz — allows users to earn money by engaging with ads
  • Ada Animation — organises bootcamp for developing top-tier animators.

Adanian Labs also has two artificial intelligence and blockchain centres to help it achieve its mission of accelerating technology revolution in Africa. The two centres are the AI Centre of Excellence Africa (AICE Africa) and the Africa Blockchain Centre (The ABC).