Activant Capital opens new Cape Town office, to intensify research

Global Investment firm with over $2.3B AUM appoints SA-Native Robert Lamprecht as Head of Research

Activant Capital opens new Cape Town office, to intensify research
Activant Capital 

Activant Capital, a growth equity firm focused on building the next generation of fintech and e-commerce, has announced the expansion of its research and due diligence capabilities with a new office in Cape Town, South Africa.

Activant is a global investment firm that partners with high-growth companies that transform commerce. The global investment firm has built a portfolio of more than 35 leading private and public companies, including Deliverr, Bolt, and Jokr, across four continents.

The firm has offices in Greenwich, Connecticut, and opened an office in Berlin, Germany in 2021 to double down on the European region. The opening of an office in Cape Town, headed by Research Director Robert Lamprecht, indicates Activant’s deep commitment to data, research, and due diligence.

The research team will use Activant’s proprietary software platform Aristotle to create deep-dive market maps, detailing up-and-coming companies, competitor analysis, and macroeconomic trends to provide a comprehensive view of the three key sectors Activant focuses on: fintech, e-commerce, and supply chain.

The research will assist Activant in creating a deep repository of knowledge on market trends, sourcing new deals, and evaluating strategic growth plans for portfolio companies.

“We’re excited to put down roots in Cape Town. Activant has always been a thesis-led firm; by focusing intensely on a few key sectors – commerce infrastructure, fintech, and supply chain – we can find, invest in, and support the best founders and companies. Our Cape Town team allows us to double down on this thesis-first approach.

The city offers a deep pool of talent, an amazing quality of life, and shares a time zone with Berlin, making it an ideal location for Activant as we expand,” says Activant founder and General Partner, Steve Sarracino.

Robert Lamprecht joins Activant as Research Director, bringing over two decades in public equities and analysis experience, which provides him a powerful lens into private market analysis.

Prior to joining Activant, he served as CEO at Renaissance Capital, covering international institutional clients across South Africa, the US, and UK.

Previously, Lamprecht was Managing Director at Bank of America, where he took on key leadership roles including Head of EMEA Sales and Head of South African Equity Sales.

He is a South African native and graduated with an MBA from UCT Business School and a B.Commerce in Business Economics from the University of South Africa.

He is joined in South Africa by JJ Brink and Jonathan Vickery, both SA Natives, with an eye to expanding the team in the next 2 years.

South Africa, with its emerging tech scene and deep pool of talent, is the perfect location for Activant to double down on research and expand our horizons. Our team’s shared experience in public market analysis will provide a unique, macro approach to private market research, giving Activant a competitive advantage as we continue to invest in exciting, global companies re-thinking the way we make, move, buy and sell products.

Our capabilities on the research team will create a taxonomy of the fintech and commerce universe, helping to maintain an active database of new and exciting companies and trends in the space,” says Robert Lamprecht, Research Director at Activant Capital.

High-impact research is vital to successful investing in a saturated and ever-changing environment. With a new team and Africa offering a new landscape for tech innovation, Activant is proud to have a presence in South Africa to carry on doing meaningful work to help their portfolio succeed.

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