10 Things You Didn’t Know About the i-invest App

I-invest allows investors to purchase diverse instruments, including Treasury Bills, Fixed Deposits, Equities, Eurobonds, Commercial papers and Life insurance.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the i-invest App

Gone are the days when investing was a term commonly used by older adults or business owners. Now, everyone wants a taste of wealth simply by growing it. As a result, investing has been decentralised with platforms that make it accessible to everyone. One of my favourites is the i-invest app.

The i-invest app is a mobile application designed to give people like you the opportunity to build an investment portfolio. You no longer need to hire a stockbroker and schedule bi-weekly meetings to check your investments’ status. All it takes are three easy steps: create your profile, fund your i-invest wallet and start investing immediately.

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The app allows investors to purchase diverse instruments, including Treasury Bills, Fixed Deposits, Equities, Eurobonds, Commercial papers and Life insurance. However, there are many other benefits of this investment platform that we can’t get over. So, here are ten things you didn’t know about the i-invest app:

Hacker-proof Security

The app is embedded with end-to-end encryption of financial information and two-factor authentication (2FA) protection, making it a convenient and secure way to invest.

Seamless Onboarding

Any app with a social sign-up option truly understands the importance of ease and comfort. With a social sign up, you can sign up or log in with your social network information. Although some might argue about the importance of this feature, we like the extent to which i-invest is willing to go to ensure consumers never have to stress.

Multiple Product Mix

Being able to diversify your investments is a feature that makes this app even more awesome. You can quickly build your investment portfolio with a range of products tailored to meet your risk level.

Real-time Update on the Financial Market:

Staying up-to-date with news on the investment market can be challenging because of the continued changes that occur. This feature tackles the challenge by providing real-time updates on market trends. It allows investors, both rookies and pros, to make informed investment decisions.

Wallet to Wallet Transactions

This feature is probably one of my favourite discoveries about the app. You can top up your wallet to invest in more options, withdraw or transfer funds to family and friends on the i-invest App at anytime. No restrictions whatsoever.

Competitive Rates

With a range of options at competitive rates, you can enjoy higher returns on investments. So, no matter the investment instruments, you are assured of excellent returns.

Watch your investment grow

Staying on top of any investment is crucial. This explains why a feature like this is a big up for the app. Investors can easily track the performance of all their investments on the go.

NSE-listed Stocks

A quick skim through their website, and you’ll be able to tell that the app allows you to buy and sell stocks listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in real-time. So, why mention this? Well, maybe it’s because it’s too good a feature not to re-emphasise.

Contact Support:

Customer service is a growing problem in this part of the world, but the speedy response and dedication of the i-invest team are worthy of note. No matter the medium, you’re sure to get a resolution to any of your concerns.

Upon discovering these features, there’s little wonder why a considerable percentage of their active users can’t seem to get enough of the app. You have to use a suitable medium to get the best, so it’s pretty clear that the i-invest app fits the bill. Join the winning team by downloading the App or sign- up here to begin.

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