Enyata has launched Project BuildUp, an initiative aimed to empower 10,000 Africans over the next five years with the resources they need to grow in the tech industry.

Project BuildUp, however, is starting with Nigerians. It aims to give 50 young, deserving tech talents in Nigeria Macbooks and a six-month subscription on Pluralsight — the edtech company that provides video training courses for creative and tech professionals.

If you want a MacBook, and want to become a better software engineer (frontend, mobile, or backend), data scientist, product manager, product designer, and data analyst, apply here.

In addition to being a Nigerian, you must have a personal portfolio on GitHub or projects showing your activities over the past six months. Then, you must pass the aptitude test. Application deadline is November 25, 2020.

According to Enyata, providing these resources will help to empower a good number of Africans who will build the next generation of digital platforms. Project BuildUp would also help to make Nigeria and Africa the next technology hub of the world.

Enyata is a "boutique software development, consultancy and training company" founded by Oladayo Oyelade in 2019. Enyata "builds world-class products, provides excellent services, and use technology to inspire and implement solutions that enable businesses".

In a recent interview, Oladayo said, "We’re more of Engineering as a Service [company] than a software engineer training institute. We plan to train and recruit a team of world-class engineers".

Project BuildUp, therefore, aligns with the mission of the boutique software development and training company. It is noteworthy that Oladayo is an alumnus of Andela.

The latest e-Conomy Africa report shows that there are nearly 700,000 professional developers across Africa, and more than 50% are concentrated in five countries: Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Majority of Nigerian developers, however, are self-taught. And as a result, tertiary education plays a minute role in the roadmap to becoming a professional developer or tech professional.

The e-Conomy Africa report projects that the internet economy can add up to $180 billion to Africa's gross domestic product by 2025. But it depends on how often and well businesses use digital technologies. The ICT sector already contributes more to Nigeria's GDP than the oil and gas sector

Oladayo Oyelade, founder and CEO of Enyata
Oladayo Oyelade, founder and CEO of Enyata

"This project is a step in the right direction. It would support young developers in the country", Kelvin Umechukwu, founder of Consonance — a partner on Project BuildUp, said.

Kelvin, who is also a tech community builder, said the free MacBook and learning resource that would provided solve one of the biggest challenges to starting out as a techie. "I am excited that at least 40% of the awardees will be female", he said.

"It's a good development for the tech ecosystem and it builds on the work being done by Sultan Akintunde with DevCareer".

Since his time at Andela, Dayo has been on the mission of empowering young Nigerians. Enyata and Project BuildUp are additional opportunities to continue on that mission of delivering Engineering as a Service to other parts of the world.

Enyata has developed products for Ecobank, FSI (Financial Services Innovators Association of Nigeria) which is backed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, and a few American companies as well as local companies.

Like Andela, Enyata wants to develop products or manage projects for more international companies as their extended tech team.

Before Enyata, Oyelade had mentored young people interested in software engineering at no cost. Alongside his passion for imparting knowledge, Oyeawants everyone to have the opportunity to learn from scratch without any experience.